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Yesterday was fun. In getting estimates for some build back stuff at home, the representative who came to the house said he knows me from LinkedIn (and mutual connections, previous biz associations and colleagues) Ha! Trippy to meet a VirtualFriend in Person!

I warned him that he might be shocked at how I am living without walls, insulation, flooring and furniture. He was so kind!! Even said he would pray for me.


The guys at State Farm and those they sent are relentless monsters, and the ones I found were not much better.

It’s not enough for them that they destroyed my home and health and stole my money, my time and my abilities to move forward with bringing YOU MORE AND BETTER PACKAGED INFORMATION ON THE RADIATION MATTERS ACROSS AMERICA.

One environmental hygienists said that if State Farm ever settles up to restore my home to preloss condition, bull doze it because with the mold toxicity I have sustained because of their collective criminal conduct, this house will NEVER BE SAFE FOR ME AGAIN. Thanks, Guys!

They have to keep on lying, cheating, demeaning, abusing and discrimination.

One attorney suggested that State Farm has a strong pattern of practice of abusing “elderly, disabled, unmarried, rural homeowners” and that with my brain injury, that I really seem to fit the profile. I’ve probably interviewed at least 40 attorneys or their intake folks. Bad Faith ones say it’s construction defects; mold ones say it’s complicated and would required a $30K retainer, elder abuse attorneys say nope; ADA and discrimination and civil rights attorneys say nope. JUST WHO AND WHAT DO US ATTORNEYS REPRESENT? Oh, yeah, Corporate America.

I think that would put the majority of them in the traitors to humanity field, wouldn’t it?

This will contain all the reports and evidence to be provided to the authorities; perhaps they will identify even more patterns of practice and domestic biottttttterrorism by these sorts of crowds. Can’t even get a remediation company out becausethey are too busy cleaning up Wuhan virus from imaginary surfaces for big bucks. D’oh.

This week’s dramas includes a remediation dude who abandoned the project, house still has mold, his hygienist refused to come back and check suspected missed areas behind the tub and in the master bedroom (shouting profanities at me and accusing me of throwing him under the bus for questioning his work) despite the fact that I advised that upon return to the house, my body said it was unsafe, evidenced by fresh rash and other symptoms.

I asked them for a fresh protocol and to come clean up to obvious sites and they said… no.

For the one shouting at me and hurling insults, I said, ‘We’re done” and I found somebody to reinspect. That company was disparaged and I was accused of ‘getting the samples’ myself and they disputed the lab reports. They said the involved beam is just old and dark; no reason (besides A LAB REPORT?!!) to suspect 3 different mold species.

To the $25K 2020 remediation dude, I said, ‘gosh, I though you might want to do the right think since your $7K estimate ended up costing me over $25K, and the house is still not ready for build back—plus I thought you might want to pick up abandoned equipment’

He had no clue his crew left anything then made up a list of stuff they allegedly left then accused me of refusing to release it.


I might do a #GoFundMe Campaign if I can figure out something of value to #GiveBack so nobody ever has to get sick and die because of greedy monsters in the insurance, mold and remediation and construction fields and useless lawyer companies again. Good idea??

WHAT DO YOU THINK IF I CREATE A GO-FUND ME ACCOUNT? What do you think could cause people to try to help me and thereby helping others, too?

Do you think many friends might help with build-back so I can get back to volunteer work bringing you nuclear danger alerts, stats & strategies. I guess if we don’t ask, we don’t get. I’ll figure that out.

All these companies that have harmed me talk about the great jobs they do in their communities helping people. They also tell me they did everything right, and by the book in my $10,000 roof replacement matter. Odd that they all think they did everything or anything right, yet my home is essentially uninhabitable and has been since 2/2/2019. What do they think caused all the microbial growth and damage? #Covid19? D’oh

This has cost State Farm over $100,000 and me over $50,000 and climging and medicare costs are being calculated…. so yeah, we alll pay for damages caused by #InsuranceCrooks and their Minions, don’t we?

My State Farm agent suggested I sue for $10,000,000 and said he couldn’t help me because he was busy writing State Farm wildfire policies for those poor homeowners kicked to the curb by their carriers. He ended up in the obituaries — I hope it had nothing to do with recommending I lawyer up and sue…… RIP Bob Dunn.


Here is a partial list of the companies involved in the Complaints you have been reading me write about, using a variety of hashtags, including but not limited to #GoshDarnMeanieHeads #GotInsuranceComplaints #GotContractorComplaints.

You’ll find the most threads on LinkedIn, Twitter and some on Facebook.

I have to finish the timeline “from February 2, 2019 to present” when roof blew off and I called State Farm claims office within the hour. It’s been hell, brimstone and corruption ever since. It destroyed my home, cleaned out my bank accounts, and made me sick.

#INSURANCEfraud #InsuranceCorruption — NOT VICTIMLESS CRIMES.

I also have to make a list of all the contractors, and my complaints and damages. I write best when I write to YOU. So, here’s a partial list of all parties who will ultimately be defendants, in as close to chronological order as I can recall at the moment:

State Farm Homeowners Insurance

Paul Davis Restoration – Palm Springs

ServPro – Palm Springs/Indian Wells

Contractor Connection

Temporary Accommodations 24/7/365

American Environmental Group

Mobile Mini

Savage Construction

Mold Eliminatorz


GEO-EARTH Environmental Inc


Maybe, for a #GoFundMe campaign, I can reach out to their community support arms and we can get my home restore to pre-loss condition that way.

As most of you know, I am considered totally disabled because of a serious head injury at work in 2012. This is not my first rodeo fighting for survival with corporate entities. One doctor suggested I must prepare for “assisted living” and she later suggested that fighting for my life/ fight-flight response/ is obviously helping rewire my damaged neuropathways.

#ConstantVigilance #EternalSuspicion

Gotta run. A guy pal is stopping by shortly…. He couldn’t understand a word I was screaming about “NO, I’M NOT OK. I’M LIVING IN MY F—–ING KITCHEN BECAUSE MY HOUSE HAS NO WALLS, INSULATION, FLOORING AND MOLD GROWING FOR OVER A YEAR, IN EVERY ROOM, AND THE CHEAP REPLACEMENT ROOF INSTALLED AFTER 40 DAYS OF RAIN IS SUBSTANDARD, NOT PERMITTED TILL AFTER IT WAS DONE, AND PROBABLY LEFT MOLDY PLYWOOD TO SAVE A FEW BUCKS — Some have said that State Farm got ripped off paying $10K for what appears to be a $5K roof that their own vendors wanted to charge $7,000 cash to install it quickly. The State Farm vendors didn’t mitigate, remediate or rebuild the house in what appears to be a RICO LEVEL #KickBack Scheme that went south when I complained loudly, and persistently.


IT’S THE CORRUPTION— AND THE APPARENT CONTINUE STATE OF TATTERS OF THE FBI. We won’t talk about that other rogue agency, at this time.

Continue to #DodgeTheRads – #ExterminationsAreTroublesome

More follows…. I think if we look at each vendor, complaints and damages, the Department of Insurance and other agencies can use this blog to fill in the blanks on their investigations.

Watch for a GoFundMe campaign…. I understand it is often used by liberals for money-laundering type events; but there are also some solid Americans Helping Americans campaigns. Many Injured Workers in the USA have had to resort to such acts of kindness and charity also.


BUILD YOUR EMAIL LISTS and remember remember…



What to do AND NOT DO if your roof blows off and bad guys say SORRY NOT SORRY – PPE REQUIRED IF YOU’RE INSURED BY STATE FARM

State Farm really hates elderly, disabled, unmarried, rural female homeowners, huh?!

#WatchIt …. #DrawYourOwnConclusions – Share with Your Smart Friends! #InsuranceFraud is NOT A VICTIMLESS CRIME!

My roof blew off on 2/2/2019 and demolition of the dry wall identified as water damaged was just completed, because the State Farm vendors didn’t remediate, didn’t demolish all the known damaged walls, and it took months of research and multiple envionmental reports since June 2019 to determine what was making me sick. STATE FARM MADE ME SICK BY THEIR CORRUPTION AND BAD FAITH WITH INTENT TO CAUSE EXTREME BODILY HARM.

From what y’all have shared with me, this is a common story about State Farm and other carries. The only difference is…. THIS AMERICAN FIGHTS BACK, AND NAMES NAMES. WATCH!

#MarchIsBrainInjuryAwarenessMonth — just because I have a brain injury doesn’t mean I am stupid or that I will put up with heinous corporate crimes by apparent corporate psychopaths in collusion with …. real apparent racketeers.

IF ONLY FBI WAS NOT STILL IN TATTERS! Where on earth is Sgt. Joe Friday! #Dragmet

My State Farm agent told me to “sue for $10,000,000” and encouraged me to continue to share on Social Media. He did, however, suggest I be pracrtical and ask my connections for a referral to a top notch law firm. At first I thought I just needed a BAD FAITH INSURANCE COMPANY LITIGATOR, BUT THIS LOOKS CRIMINAL. Forwarding to the Department of Insurance after the most recent confirmation of #BadFaith and collusion with their PreferredVendor program to commit egregious harm…



Yikes, and they send thugs to demand money or their home will be destroyed and there will be attacks of bioterrorism, with plausible deniability?

Yikes! Follow those hashtags! If YOU have a similar story leave it in the comments!

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