What to do AND NOT DO if your roof blows off and bad guys say SORRY NOT SORRY – PPE REQUIRED IF YOU’RE INSURED BY STATE FARM

State Farm really hates elderly, disabled, unmarried, rural female homeowners, huh?!

#WatchIt …. #DrawYourOwnConclusions – Share with Your Smart Friends! #InsuranceFraud is NOT A VICTIMLESS CRIME!

My roof blew off on 2/2/2019 and demolition of the dry wall identified as water damaged was just completed, because the State Farm vendors didn’t remediate, didn’t demolish all the known damaged walls, and it took months of research and multiple envionmental reports since June 2019 to determine what was making me sick. STATE FARM MADE ME SICK BY THEIR CORRUPTION AND BAD FAITH WITH INTENT TO CAUSE EXTREME BODILY HARM.

From what y’all have shared with me, this is a common story about State Farm and other carries. The only difference is…. THIS AMERICAN FIGHTS BACK, AND NAMES NAMES. WATCH!

#MarchIsBrainInjuryAwarenessMonth — just because I have a brain injury doesn’t mean I am stupid or that I will put up with heinous corporate crimes by apparent corporate psychopaths in collusion with …. real apparent racketeers.

IF ONLY FBI WAS NOT STILL IN TATTERS! Where on earth is Sgt. Joe Friday! #Dragmet

My State Farm agent told me to “sue for $10,000,000” and encouraged me to continue to share on Social Media. He did, however, suggest I be pracrtical and ask my connections for a referral to a top notch law firm. At first I thought I just needed a BAD FAITH INSURANCE COMPANY LITIGATOR, BUT THIS LOOKS CRIMINAL. Forwarding to the Department of Insurance after the most recent confirmation of #BadFaith and collusion with their PreferredVendor program to commit egregious harm…



Yikes, and they send thugs to demand money or their home will be destroyed and there will be attacks of bioterrorism, with plausible deniability?

Yikes! Follow those hashtags! If YOU have a similar story leave it in the comments!

#GotContractorComplaints #GotStateFarmComplaints #GotInsuranceComplaints #WaterIntrusion #WaterDamage #Restoration #Remediation #InsuranceCrimes #DepartmentOfInsurance #ContractorBoard #ConsumerAffairs #DistrictAttorney #Mediation #CourtOfPublicOpinion #ElderAbuse #Discrimination #HUD #UnAmerican #CorporateAccoutability #MeanieHeads #Monsters #Psychopaths #PPE #PersonalProtectiveEquipment #MicrobialHazards #TeamsOfCrooks #StateFarm #PaulDavisRestoration #ServPro #ContractorConnection #AmericanEnvironmentalGroup #DomesticTerrorism et al



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