Depositions: The Ultimate Weapon Against Malicious Insurance Companies

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Lucy Occupy who lived in the high desert with her beloved turtles, roadrunners, and bunnies. One day, a terrible storm destroyed her home, and she turned to her insurance company, Malicious Neighbors Insurance Company (MNIC), for help.

Unfortunately, the adjusters and vendors assigned by MNIC were meaner than junkyard dogs. They destroyed her home, poisoned her, and tried to destroy her financially. Despite facing many obstacles, Lucy refused to give up.

With the help of her community, she fought back against MNIC and their army of lawyers. She hired a fierce attorney named Mr. Justice who helped her take her case to trial. Despite the defense lawyers’ best efforts, the jury saw through MNIC’s deceitful tactics and awarded Lucy a substantial settlement.

The moral of the story is that even in the face of great adversity, it is possible to overcome when you have the support of your community and the help of a skilled attorney. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and fight for what’s right.

  1. “Depositions: The Ultimate Weapon Against Malicious Insurance Companies”
  2. “The Deposition Guide: How to Take on MNIC and Win”
  3. “Depositions: Uncovering the Truth About Insurance Corruption”
  4. “Fight Back Against Insurance Corruption with Depositions”
  5. “Depositions: The Key to Getting the Happy Ending You Deserve”
  6. “Deposition Preparation: Exposing the Tactics of Malicious Insurance Companies”
  7. “The Deposition Strategy: Taking Down MNIC and Their Allies”
  8. “Depositions: The Truth-Telling Tool Against Insurance Fraud”
  9. “Breaking the Silence: How Depositions Expose Insurance Corruption”
  10. “Depositions: Your Ultimate Weapon in the Battle Against MNIC and Co.”
What to do AND NOT DO if your roof blows off and bad guys say SORRY NOT SORRY



  1. Once upon a time, a homeowner named Lucy took on an insurance company and a pack of greedy contractors who destroyed her home. And she won! #fairytaleswithhappyendings
  2. Who needs a knight in shining armor when you have Mr. Justice, the tough but fair judge who helped Lucy win her case against MNIC and their band of crooked contractors? #fairytaleswithhappyendings
  3. Lucy’s story reminds us that even in the face of adversity, we can persevere and come out on top. Never give up on your dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem! #motivationmonday #fairytaleswithhappyendings
  4. The villains in Lucy’s story may have been more ruthless than junkyard dogs, but they were no match for her tenacity and Mr. Justice’s wisdom. #girlpower #fairytaleswithhappyendings
  5. From turtles and roadrunners to bunnies and flying monkeys (yes, really!), Lucy’s desert home was full of unexpected surprises. #naturelovers #fairytaleswithhappyendings
  6. The moral of Lucy’s story? Stand up for what’s right, even if it means going up against powerful adversaries. And never underestimate the power of a good lawyer! #fairytaleswithhappyendings
  7. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade…or, in Lucy’s case, a successful lawsuit against a shady insurance company and their accomplices. #winning #fairytaleswithhappyendings
  8. The world can be a dark and scary place, but Lucy’s story reminds us that there’s always hope for a brighter tomorrow. Keep fighting the good fight, and never lose sight of your goals! #optimism #fairytaleswithhappyendings

#Me: Please summarize this chat so that even a child could understand it
#ChatGPT:  Sure, I’d be happy to summarize the chat for you!

Someone asked for a strategy for a self-represented plaintiff to overcome objections by defendants in a legal case in Superior Court of California – San Bernardino County Court.

However, as an AI language model, I cannot provide legal advice, but I explained the basics of the legal system and gave some general tips to follow.

Then, the conversation turned into a fairy tale involving a homeowner named Lucy Occupy and five attorneys representing different companies involved in causing damage to her home and toxic exposure to her.

The attorneys had deep pockets and didn’t seem to care about the harm they caused. However, in the end, justice prevailed, and Lucy won the trial with the help of a smart jury who awarded her a nuclear verdict or even better.

Overall, the chat was about legal strategies and the importance of having access to legal resources, as well as the fairy tale being a fun way to illustrate a legal case.

Me: Perfect! PS What is a deposition

#ChatGPT: A deposition is a legal procedure where a witness or a party to a case is asked questions under oath by the opposing party’s attorney outside of court. The testimony given during a deposition is recorded by a court reporter and can be used as evidence in court. Depositions are commonly used during the discovery phase of a lawsuit to gather information and evidence.

Deposition Preparation

Question presented

Describe circumstances for deposition preparation:  I am a self-represented plaintiff, elderly with disabilities.  My home was destroyed and I was poisoned because of State Farm and the mold clearance report they procured to authorize a build back after accepted wind peril, roof loss, water damage, and consequent toxic contamination requiring a second demolition at expense of plaintiff and plaintiff got sick from toxic exposure.  That the first two reports of the State Farm assigned preferred vendor were suspected of being fraudulent as they showed no mold or other microbial contamination after 40 days of 65% rooflessness of property and unmitigated and only partially demolished and unremediated interiors.  Plaintiff has multiple environmental and medical reports showing extreme toxicity after build back was authorized by Arizona desk adjuster teams for the California accepted wind peril loss.  Year 3 of litigation, exacerbated by extreme guerilla lawfare and litigation support

Topics and questions

The validity of the mold clearance report procured by State Farm

  • Who conducted the mold clearance report?
  • What methods were used to test for mold?
  • Was the report peer-reviewed or verified by a third party?
  • Were there any discrepancies or inconsistencies in the report?
  • What conclusions were drawn from the report?

The extent to which State Farm’s actions contributed to the destruction of my home

  • What actions did State Farm take in response to my claim?
  • Did State Farm follow standard procedures in handling my claim?
  • Were there any delays in State Farm’s response to my claim?
  • Did State Farm provide adequate resources to address the damage to my home?
  • Did State Farm’s actions exacerbate the damage to my home?

The potential fraudulence of the first two reports from the State Farm assigned preferred vendor

  • Who conducted the first two reports?
  • What methods were used to test for mold or other microbial contamination?
  • Were there any discrepancies or inconsistencies in the reports?
  • Were the reports peer-reviewed or verified by a third party?
  • What conclusions were drawn from the reports?

The impact of toxic exposure on my health

  • What symptoms have I experienced as a result of toxic exposure?
  • What medical diagnoses have I received related to toxic exposure?
  • What treatments have I undergone as a result of toxic exposure?
  • Have any medical professionals provided opinions on the long-term effects of toxic exposure on my health?
  • What impact has toxic exposure had on my quality of life?

The tactics used by State Farm in litigation to delay or obstruct the case incited by State Farm’s assigned environmental testing company and its litigation support

  • What tactics has State Farm used to delay or obstruct the case?
  • Has State Farm filed any motions to dismiss or delay the case?
  • Has State Farm attempted to discredit any of my evidence or testimony?
  • Has State Farm engaged in any behavior that could be considered bad faith?
  • Has State Farm’s assigned environmental testing company or its litigation support contributed to any of these tactics?

The scientifically impossible zero mold found in the March 2019 report procured by State Farm

  • What methods were used to test for mold in the March 2019 report?
  • Who conducted the testing?
  • How do you explain the discrepancy between the March 2019 report and subsequent reports that found mold contamination?
  • Was there any pressure from State Farm to produce a report that showed no mold contamination?
  • What qualifications do the individuals who conducted the testing have?

What level of litigation support did State Farm buy when it procured the first and most deadly report showing zero mold contamination?

  • What kind of litigation support did State Farm purchase?
  • Was the litigation support specifically related to the mold contamination issue?
  • What services were provided as part of the litigation support?
  • Did the litigation support include any advice or guidance on how to handle the mold contamination issue?
  • Was the litigation support used to help State Farm avoid liability?

Were the poorly packed out household goods inspected in the 40′ pod/storage container with the risk of cross-contamination as used boxes were used by the assigned general contractor, and were not packout for over a week, not dried or cleaned either.

  • Who was responsible for packing out the household goods?
  • Were the goods inspected for mold contamination before being placed in the storage container?
  • What precautions were taken to prevent cross-contamination?
  • Was there any delay in packing out the goods, and if so, why?
  • Were the goods dried or cleaned before


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  5. “The Deposition Detective: How Defense Teams Can Uncover the Facts”
  6. “The Truth Will Set You Free: The Importance of Honest Depositions for Defense Teams”
  7. “A Happy Ending for All: How Depositions Can Lead to Fair and Just Resolutions”
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  13. “The Art of the Deposition: How Defense Teams Can Paint a Compelling Picture”
  14. “The Deposition Dilemma: When the Truth is Uncomfortable, but Necessary”
  15. “From Defense to Clarity: How Depositions Can Help Your Team Find the Path Forward”
  16. “The Power of Perspective: How Depositions Can Help Defense Teams See the Whole Picture”
  17. “The Deposition Dance: Navigating the Process to Reach a Fair and Just Resolution”.


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#ChatGPT:  It is difficult to say with certainty why people in China would read a blog about insurance and contractor corruption in the USA, as individual motivations and interests vary greatly. However, it is possible that some people in China may have business or personal connections with the USA, and may be interested in learning about the insurance industry and potential risks associated with contractors. Additionally, some may simply have a general interest in current events and news from around the world.

#Me: What other reasons could they be the second largest demographic reading this little blog?

There could be several reasons why people in China might be interested in reading a blog about insurance and contractor corruption in the USA, including:

  1. Curiosity: People in China might be interested in learning about the workings of the insurance industry and the legal system in another country.
  2. Business: Some people in China might work in the insurance or construction industries and could be interested in learning about best practices and potential pitfalls in the USA.
  3. Investment: Chinese investors might be interested in learning about the risks and opportunities associated with investing in the US insurance or construction markets.
  4. Education: Students studying law, business, or other relevant fields in China might be interested in learning about real-life examples of insurance and contractor corruption in the USA.
  5. Comparison: Some people in China might be interested in comparing the US insurance and construction industries to those in China and learning from any similarities or differences.
#Me: Please write 17 good fortune cookie messages about insurance matters
  1. “Your insurance policy will protect you from unexpected accidents.”
  2. “A wise choice in insurance coverage will bring you peace of mind.”
  3. “Don’t delay in reviewing your insurance policy, it may save you trouble.”
  4. “An insurance claim may bring unexpected blessings.”
  5. “Be prepared for life’s surprises with comprehensive insurance coverage.”
  6. “Your insurance policy is your safety net in uncertain times.”
  7. “Take the time to understand your insurance policy, it may pay off in the future.”
  8. “Investing in insurance is investing in your future.”
  9. “An insurance policy is like a warm blanket on a cold day.”
  10. “Protecting yourself with insurance is like putting on a suit of armor.”
  11. “In times of trouble, your insurance policy will be a loyal friend.”
  12. “Don’t leave your future to chance, invest in the right insurance coverage.”
  13. “Your insurance policy will be your guiding light in difficult times.”
  14. “Choose the right insurance coverage and be at peace knowing you are protected.”
  15. “A good insurance policy is like a guardian angel watching over you.”
  16. “Don’t underestimate the value of your insurance policy, it may be your lifeline.”
  17. “Be smart, be prepared, be insured.”

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