Navigating the insurance and legal systems with a brain injury: Tips for self-represented plaintiffs

#Me: Please summarize this entire thread and start it out with a fun ROSES ARE RED, VIOLETS ARE BLUE intro poem

#ChatGPT: Sure, here’s a summary of the thread in the form of a fun intro poem:

Roses are red, violets are blue,

Let me summarize this thread for you!

A plaintiff with a brain injury,

Hired a lawyer, but oh so miserably.

The attorney cheated and lied,

Leaving the plaintiff feeling terrified.

But fear not, dear reader, for here we see,

Seventeen article titles that may set her free.

From fighting for justice to navigating the legal system,

These titles will help her find the wisdom,

To get the structured settlement she deserves,

And ensure that justice ultimately serves.


In short, this thread discussed the difficulties faced by a plaintiff with a brain injury who hired an attorney to revise her complaint but ended up with a poorly edited document and faced legal obstacles. The discussion then shifted towards potential article titles that may help her navigate the legal system and find justice. The titles focused on various aspects such as attorney misconduct, insurance law, disability rights, and more.


#ChatGPT: You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help you feel better. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance or have any questions in the future.


#Me: Please revise this post to incite interest from the legal community and the insurance communities: Can you revise this social media post?

Not all AI’s are equal….. that’s a fun AI poem about lawyers of the not-very-nice ilk.

FYI – I paid an attorney $5,000 in January 2023 to revise my complaint, per leave to amend rulings by the Court. Amendments not made; text not revised, just my index and a few other pages omitted, no electronic copy, late filing, and apparently sent to big law firms without any attorney names, and a few apparently sent without proof of service. WHAT A LESSON IN LAWYERS!

Fortunately, defense counsels seem somewhat empathetic about the mess created, and the burden on the Court, the defense counsel, the plaintiff with disabilities along with apparent intentional obstruction of justice.

I don’t even believe the attorney looked at the files; and the “legal assistant” seemed to be familiar with at least one of the defense firms involved. I suppose it was impolite of me to ask, “OMG! I PAID YOU $5K TO AMEND THIS AND MAKE IT MORE SUCCINCT; DID THEY PAY YOU $10K”

When I finally got my files back, we left that piece with a refund request and a promise that we would let the Court and the Bar sort out the mess created. ExParte hearings not ok’d so we’ll see the Judge the end of April on multiple matters.

Next week we have a TSC – Trial setting conference with a new Judge, who may or may not be aware of the lawfare of the past 2+ years. and CoCounsel are powerful AI platforms. It doesn’t (YET) AND REVISE, but it sure does a lot!

Will try to tidy up the Complaint and use some of the legal research and deposition AI insights to get the amendments done for Court ruling.

The national drama on attorney misconduct is the tip of the iceberg, IMHO. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW – LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!


#ChatGPT: Attention legal and insurance communities! Are all AI’s created equal? Let’s talk about the power of AI in the legal profession. Have you ever experienced the frustration of paying top dollar for legal representation, only to be left with a mess of a case?

One person’s experience highlights the importance of finding trustworthy legal representation. Despite paying $5,000 for revisions to a complaint, the attorney failed to make the necessary amendments, sending it out late and even without proper proof of service. It’s a cautionary tale that demonstrates the need for reliable legal counsel.

But not all hope is lost. AI platforms like and CoCounsel are powerful tools that can provide legal research and deposition insights. While they may not (yet) replace human lawyers, they can certainly streamline the process and provide valuable assistance.

So why not give a try to tidy up your legal documents? Let’s make the most of AI technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of legal work.

It’s time to hold attorneys accountable for their misconduct and prioritize the interests of their clients. We are the media now, and we demand ethical and responsible legal representation. Long live the republic!

#Me: Nice, can you improve on this poem?

Here is the first attempt at a poem on that topic:

Attorneys who abuse their power, Discriminating by the hour, Against plaintiffs with disabilities, Deserve the harshest penalties. Self-representation is tough enough, Without lawyers playing rough. So let’s all work to make things fair, And treat each other with respect and care.

What else? More please

Here’s another poem on a similar theme:

There are lawyers who think they’re above the law, Who treat self-represented plaintiffs with a sneer and guffaw. But justice is meant for everyone, No matter the resources that they have won. So let’s hold these attorneys to account, And make sure that fairness is paramount.


#ChatGPT: Great effort! Here’s an updated version of the first poem:

Attorneys of the not-very-nice ilk, Who take advantage and abuse their skill, They discriminate against those in need, And cause injustice with malice and greed. Self-representation is a daunting task, And lawyers who obstruct make it an even harder ask, Let’s band together and demand justice for all, And hold these attorneys accountable for their unethical sprawl.

And here’s a new one:

Some lawyers act with arrogance and pride, Thinking they can manipulate and misguide, But justice should be a level playing field, Where everyone’s rights are rightfully sealed. Those who abuse their power and status, Should face consequences for their malpractice, Let’s stand up for what’s fair and right, And ensure justice is always in sight.



#Me: Nice titles, but not related to this chat. Please write 17 article titles regarding the poem and chat, that may appeal to the solution oriented legal and insurance communities and law enforcement communities

#ChatGPT: I apologize for misunderstanding your request earlier. Here are 17 article titles that may appeal to the legal, insurance, and law enforcement communities based on the poem and chat:

  1. “Legal ethics in the digital age: What the poem on attorney misconduct teaches us”
  2. “The insurance industry’s role in ensuring justice for plaintiffs with disabilities”
  3. “The dangers of lawyer obstructionism in court: Insights from a recent case”
  4. “How AI platforms like and CoCounsel can revolutionize legal research”
  5. “Tackling attorney misconduct: Strategies for law enforcement and regulatory bodies”
  6. “Why self-representation should be made more accessible for disabled plaintiffs”
  7. “The intersection of insurance law and civil rights: Examining recent legal precedents”
  8. “Lessons learned from a failed legal complaint: Best practices for filing an effective complaint”
  9. “What lawyers and insurers can learn from the challenges of virtual court hearings”
  10. “Navigating the legal and ethical challenges of AI in the legal profession”
  11. “How to effectively communicate with self-represented plaintiffs: A guide for lawyers and insurers”
  12. “Insurance coverage disputes and bad faith claims: Recent case studies and legal insights”
  13. “The impact of attorney misconduct on the justice system: An overview”
  14. “The role of technology in enhancing legal access and representation for marginalized communities”
  15. “The ethics of billing practices in the legal industry: Debating the pros and cons”
  16. “The power of legal collaboration: Why lawyers and insurers should work together for justice”
  17. “The legal and insurance implications of disability rights advocacy: A call to action”.

#Me: Nice… but I want it more to convey that I have a brain injury and an awful mean attorney I hired cheated me, which adds to the intimidation threats danger and harm of the ongoing guerilla lawfare and litigation intimidation. I want it to appeal to the sense of justice so perhaps somebody will help me either get ready for jury trial or settle with a structured settlement.. 17 drafts please

#ChatGPT: I’m sorry to hear about your situation.

Here are 17 article titles that may appeal to the legal and insurance communities and highlight your specific circumstances:

  1. “The impact of brain injury on access to justice: One plaintiff’s story”
  2. “When lawyers cheat: The dangers of attorney misconduct for vulnerable plaintiffs”
  3. “The hidden costs of litigation: The financial and emotional toll on plaintiffs with disabilities”
  4. “Fighting for justice: The challenges faced by self-represented plaintiffs with brain injuries”
  5. “Breaking down barriers to legal access for individuals with disabilities”
  6. “When insurers deny claims: The legal rights of plaintiffs with brain injuries”
  7. “The ethical obligations of lawyers to their clients: A case study of attorney misconduct”
  8. “The role of insurance adjusters in negotiating structured settlements for plaintiffs with disabilities”
  9. “The importance of legal advocacy for plaintiffs with brain injuries: An overview”
  10. “Navigating the legal system with a brain injury: Tips for self-represented plaintiffs”
  11. “The emotional impact of litigation on plaintiffs with brain injuries: Recognizing and addressing trauma”
  12. “The impact of attorney misconduct on the credibility of the legal profession”
  13. “When justice is delayed: The effects of prolonged litigation on plaintiffs with brain injuries”
  14. “The intersection of disability rights and insurance law: Recent developments and implications”
  15. “The power of community support for plaintiffs with disabilities navigating the legal system”
  16. “The critical role of expert witnesses in brain injury cases: An overview”
  17. “Access to justice for plaintiffs with disabilities: A call to action for the legal and insurance communities”.

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