Homeowner Insurer Fraud and Racketeering: How to Get Help when DIY is just too hard….

What is RICO racketeering?
Racketeering is defined as any illegal activity committed for financial gain. The RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) is a federal law that allows prosecution and civil action against individuals and organizations engaged in racketeering. The RICO Act also provides for the forfeiture of assets derived from or used in racketeering.

What is insurer fraud?
Insurer fraud is defined as any illegal activity committed by an insurance company or its employees in order to obtain a financial gain. This can include activities such as false advertising, misrepresentation of policy terms, and denial of valid claims.

There are many different types of fraud that insurance companies may engage in, but one of the most common is called insurer fraud.

This type of fraud occurs when an insurance company attempts to defraud its policyholders by misrepresenting the terms of their policies, denying valid claims, or engaging in other unethical or illegal practices.

If you suspect that your insurance company has committed fraud, you should report it to the authorities immediately.


If you are victim of these crimes and cannot find legal representation, TAKE IT TO THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION AND MAKE SURE YOU LIFE INSURANCE POLICY IS PAID. THEY DO NOT PLAY NICE.

Write your own stories… use these titles for inspiration, and learn about #Video2023

1. “Are You a Victim of Homeowner Insurer Fraud and Racketeering?”
2. “Homeowner Insurer Fraud and Racketeering: How to Protect Yourself”
3. “Homeowner Insurer Fraud and Racketeering: The Warning Signs”
4. “Homeowner Insurer Fraud and Racketeering: What to Do If You’re a Victim”
5. “How to Avoid Homeowner Insurer Fraud and Racketeering”
6. “Homeowner Insurer Fraud and Racketeering: How to Fight Back”
7. “Homeowner Insurer Fraud and Racketeering: The Inside Story”
8. “Homeowner Insurer Fraud and Racketeering: My Story”
9. “Homeowner Insurer Fraud and Racketeering: True Stories from the Victims”
10. “Homeowner Insurer Fraud and Racketeering: How to Get Help”



Plaintiff’s social media outreach to the Public Adjuster and Plaintiff litigation community is hereby requested from the Court of Public Opinion, including but not limited to the Restoration industry companies and workers, environmental inspection service providers, litigation support providers, district attorneys, public adjusters and/or policy holders.

1. Are you aware of any racketeering activities that have been carried out by the defendant?

2. Are you aware of any illegal activities that have been carried out by the defendant in furtherance of their racketeering enterprise?

3. Are you aware of any victims of the defendant’s racketeering activities?

4. Are you aware of any witnesses to the defendant’s racketeering activities?

5. Are you aware of any evidence that would support the allegations of racketeering against the defendant?




As a common legal practice, certain defense lawyers use admissions and discovery as a weapon in lawfare to cause  plaintiffs miss deadlines and incur sanctions.

The admissions and discovery lawfare tactic is a move used in order to gain an unfair advantage and dismissal. This is done by burdening the opposition with a lot of work and preventing them from getting any real information. This tactic is often used in order to settle before answering and amendment complaint.

It appears that this is a pattern of practice to deceive the Court and gain unfair advantage over self-represented, retired, elderly and disabled plaintiff. This needs to stop. The Court should be a level playing field for all, regardless of whether they have a lawyer or not.

The court granted self-represented, retired disabled plaintiff leave to amend the third amended complaint on December 5 and 20, 2022, granting the plaintiff with disabilities until February 28, 2023 to continue efforts to find legal representation in California and to serve the amended complaint.  Opposing counsel filed an inaccurate Notice of Discovery falsely stating that the 4th Amended Complaint is due February 20, 2023 and they propounded these demands, as has been their pattern of practice and abuse for nearly two years of extreme billable hours whilst other defense counsels “watch.”

How can lawfare harm a self-represented plaintiff?

There is no one answer to this question as the potential harm that can be caused by litigation discovery abuse will vary depending on the specific facts and circumstances of each case. However, some possible harms that could be caused by litigation discovery abuse include:

-The self-represented plaintiff could be forced to spend an excessive amount of time and money responding to discovery requests that are overly broad or burdensome.

-The self-represented plaintiff could be forced to disclose sensitive or confidential information that they would prefer to keep private.

-The self-represented plaintiff could be subjected to harassing or intrusive questioning from the opposing party.

-The self-represented plaintiff could be put at a disadvantage in the litigation if they are not able to properly respond to the opposing party’s discovery requests.


The Court Rulings are read in this video:





A cable tv interview was recently recorded and we look forward to sharing with the Insurance Community as well as policy holders and others who believe in the US Constitution and Freedom of Speech.

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5 thoughts on “Homeowner Insurer Fraud and Racketeering: How to Get Help when DIY is just too hard….

  1. Dear Linda,

    As you know, I reported the public corruption network that exists in LA County to every authority I could. Lord Peter Whimsey said no one believes the truth and I am sure this is so. When you report documented irregularities to the authorities, they tell you to get a lawyer. You and I both know that is impossible.

    I believe there is a concerted effort to purge the poor, elderly, and disabled from the population. Our property taxes must be too low. I know mine went from just under 700$ a year to 2200$ following the “new construction” recorded by the tax assessor, even though Public Works said no new construction occurred. This hike in taxes was meant to cause me to lose my property.

    I reported the irregular actions of Public Works to ALL of the LA County supervisors. Crickets. Public Works has no oversight. I reported them to the governor. Again, crickets. No authority cares. That’s why I left. I felt endangered.

    I can’t wait to see/hear your interview! Keep me posted.

    In the struggle,



    1. Thanks VJ…. the interview was great fun and a surprising experience.

      The remaining 5 defendants in my case – their legal counsel, by their actions in December and November, signaled that they want to go to trial and encouraged me to go all out with social media. What I can’t do in legal, since I can’t find representation in this silly state, I have some compensatory skills in social media.

      A swath of lawyers already endeavored to violate my first amendment rights. The Judge upheld and defended the Constitution. Not one of the lawyers, aka officers of the court, honored their Oath of Office.

      I read somewhere that when groups of companies and/or individuals conspire to violate civil rights, that’s a big deal.

      One attorney who was shocked at some of the deeply threatening received emails I shared suggested that I “find a way to interest the Attorney General” as they have deeper pockets and greater responsibilities for the State of California.

      I have to find out who the #StateAttorney is…. that’s different from the AG’s office.

      Will keep you posted on interview…. Heck, we’ll do a big marketing blitz and I also want to set up to assemble some stories and get them published, with and without names, to protect the victims.


      BE WELL!

      Cheers, L


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