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#StateFarmFiles – HOW TO SURVIVE A COVERED LOSS WITH STATE FARM…. Great Courage is required; the brutality and threats are mind boggling —discriminatory and downright evil.

Blogs and further evidence here: GOT INSURANCE COMPLAINTS

So, a bunch of attorneys walk into a bar to talk about complex litigation…

So, a bunch of attorneys walk into a bar to talk about complex litigation…

In nearly two years, only American Enviornmental Group was heard by the Court, due to legal strategies that afforded 50% of the defendants to settle in 2022, and the remaining defendants – State Farm, Paul Davis Restoration (Corporate and Franchisee) and AEG again in December.

Contractor Connection response was affirmative defense and they retain rights to answer more fully. They are also cross complaining against PDR, and both PDR and Contractor Connection have 5 year guarantees on their work, and are apparently required to indemnify State Farm against losses.

AEG provided the report to State Farm that was used by State Farm to authorize build back after 40 days of water intrusion that the cat 3 water damage was only partially demolished and zero chemical remediation was organized by the desk adjuster. AEG provided a report in March 2019 directly to the managing State Farm Desk Adjuster team in Arizona (loss happened in California) and initial report indicated to State Farm adjusters that no mold was found after 40 days of rooflessness, and their subsequent report of August 2019 indicated ” unacceptable* ” levels of contamination, but rather than address cause, they recommended an amended report to include surface cleaning and hepa vacuuming, despite knowing multiple other environmental inspectors found increasing amounts of toxic microbial growth common to water damaged buildings.

Plaintiff (me) had to spend over $125,000 to make the home quasi-habitable after spending the entire 2020 lockdown without walls, ceilings, insulation, flooring or furniture.

Plaintiff’s assessment is that the home was destroyed intentionally, with poisoning with intent to klll, because she would not participate in what appeared to be an adjuster run insurer scam to leak more profits to all parties, and cover up the catastrophic losses and toxic exposure caused by the failed scam.

THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERN. DON’T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU. DEFENSE COUNSELS ALSO, in 2021, colluded to violate civil rights and first amendment rights of the elderly disabled plaintiff… and when that failed, a major social media account was deplatformed that gives further credence to the allegations of racketeering, at least to the victim and observers. Subscribe and share.

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  1. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    Reblogged this on My WorkComp Coach and commented:

    #WorkCompLitigation is not too different from #PropertyInsurance Litigation… MPNs are like #PreferredVendor programs oro Premier Services program vendors.

    #InsurerWars are real. If your home is insured by #StateFarm…don’t let my story become yours.

    State Farm did not deny my claim, so who and what caused the catastrophic damage and toxic exposure, and why did they demand litigation?

    Why are the attorneys so mean when they know I have a disclosed disability – brain injury from work injury in 2012.

    Extreme disability abuse and age and gender discrimination.

    Some of the worst of the worst? Similar to the legal community apathy or conflicts in finding competent legal representation for injured workers, it’s similar for policy holders.

    Not only does State Farm and it’s preferred vendors allegedly target retirees and Americans with disabilities… have you seen how #StateFarm targets America’s children?

    Do your own research; draw your own conclusions:

    Ask Mike Tipsord how it’s working out for #StateFarm being a part of the #WEF – World Economic Forum — you know, the #LetThemEatBugs and #OwnNothing crowd.





  2. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    Why Artificial Intelligence may soon REPLACE Legal Support in the GCC Movement


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