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So, a bunch of #attorneys walk into a bar to talk about complex litigation.
The first one says, ‘that old disabled woman has nothin. She can’t even find a law firm to represent her and her income is poverty level and she had to refinance and pull out equity to clean up our mess, but can she prove it? She’s got nothing!”

The second one says, “Did you see her DEAR ALL email where she asks about assigned vendors, and how one inspector, known for environmental #LitigationSupport is ‘assigned’ to provide a report that approves & clears all of the work of all the other preferred vendors, that caused all the catastrophic damages and toxic exposure?

Another one says, … did you see her photos of health consequences allegedly caused by extreme toxic exposure?? Ewwww, ugly! And those medical reports! Are we sure she’s got nuthin?

A fourth one says, “She seems to have a point that the adjusters hired the #litigationsupport inspector to inspect the work of the other assigned vendors so that the build back could be approved & the claim closed before she got sick and might have died before they figured out it was mold poisoning related – but hell, no expert witness would tell the truth about a cartel matter…

Another one said, “Yeah, but she has 9 reports that dispute our guy’s 2 reports, that really, in reality, dispute reality… not one mold spore found after 40 days of rain & snow entering the house because 65% of the roof was gone? NOT ONE? Then the second report our guys were provided by our guys to the policy holder admitted there were a few *unacceptable spores and quantities – and recommended surface cleaning, forgitabout probable cause…

The first attorney then says, “Yeah, and another one of OUR guys estimated $10,000 for policy holder to get surfaces cleaned, and call back if mold gets visible and thru the walls…

Policyholder says, “If the #insurance carrier sends an inspector to approve the negligent work of other vendors sent by the carrier, having told policy holder that coverage was only applicable if carrier vendors were accepted as assigned, and that results in catastrophic losses and life threatening illness- and the initial #litigationsupport services are backed up by defense FOR #litigationsupport company, in the form of actual lawfare, with the other attorneys watching the policyholder abused, harassed, cyberstalked, tricked, deceived and generally a victim of #moralturpidude in the form of guerrilla lawfare…


A change of carrier strategies seems to include curt emails & polite notices that they “Look forward to [self-represented policy holder’s] opposition”

Then, a self-represented #Boomer with disclosed #Disabilities walks into a #Courtroom….

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not to be confused with



Linda Ayres vs State Farm et al

#InsurerWars – LITIGATION WINS –


5 responses to “So, a bunch of attorneys walk into a bar to talk about complex litigation…”

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