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AEG recommended, upon questioning in August 2019, that rather than seek out source of toxic exposure, just clean the surfaces…..  PuroClean provided an estimate for $10,000 to do the surface cleaning and hepa vacuum.  Joey Camisso, the 4th or 5th State Farm desk adjuster out in Arizona insisted that the well documented and evidenced microbial growth (7 reports that disputed AEG findings) had nothing to do with the 40 days of roofless water intrusion and the project handled by Randy Brewer, long time State Farm adjuster in Arizona, supervised by Roy Paynter.  Neither AEG nor State Farm will disclose complete communications wherein State Farm assigned AEG to produce a “mold clearance report” that was used by Randy Brewer and Linda Holloway Cox and Paul Davis Restoration in the scope of work and build back in March 2019.   They all apparently forgot to demolish walls idenetified as water saturated and assumed that air drying was sufficient and that category 3 water intrusion, uninterrupted for nearly 40 days, does not require any chemical remediation.  An actual adjuster did not show up at the 2/2/2019 loss site until mid-March 2019.  Paul Davis Restoration sales guy acted as the General Contractor and the “Adjuster Representative”  — It’s a secret who actually negotiated the State Farm / AEG deal… but the 4 emails below were discovered in a pre-litigation State Farm 4,000 data dump –

I guess they say it’s not evidence, and too  bad how sad for State Farm policy holders.   
LINDA AYRES PLAINTIFF RESPONSE TO AEG Request for Proudction of Documents – SET 9 11 14 2022— (1)
From: Linda Ayres <>
Date: Mon, Nov 14, 2022 at 4:17 AM
To: Hillary Booth  LINDA AYRES PLAINTIFF RESPONSE TO AEG Request for Proudction of Documents – SET 9 11 14 2022— (1)
Cc: Linda Ayres <>


Ms Booth,
Attached is Response to AEG request for Production of Documents, Set Nine, along with links to additional documentation.  
I will subpoena records for the balance of correspondence related to the “4 emails -show the fraud” conversations and agreements between AEG and State Farm, as well as 
questions on AEG failures to respond to certain discovery requests for production of documents, citing, amongst other obstructions of justice, “attorney client privilege” related to settled defendants.
The only thing you do not already have from me is the litigation support info regarding AEG services and McClarens Risk Management efforts that make the State Farm  hiring of AEG appear to be
less than an unbiased opinion, that was also wrong in it’s delivery of an alleged “mold clearance report” that is heavily disputed by multiple non-State Farm vendors.  While AEG counsel suggested ,,
as a comment on my blog,  that I include the labs that analyzed the AEG reports in litigation, the lab that analyzed the 3/19/2019 testing was EM LAB P & K, and that report showed no microbial growth; 
and that same lab did the analysis of the testing done by the Los Angeles firm, Mold Inspection Sciences –  EM LAB P & K.   The fact that they found microbial growth when State Farm was not the client
would seem to suggest either collusion or, faulty testing on the 3/19/2019 testing.  LA TESTING did multiple analysis, with the first one authorized by State Farm for the 11/13/2019 report.  More details in 
documentation herein.
So, it was a good suggestion for me to look at the labs, as was the AEG counsel’s suggestion that I start preparing for a TED TALK, but none of that gets us closer to resolutions. 
The threatrics and efforts to cheat to win this case “for your client” at the expense of #RuleOfLaw, after wasting my time again in bad faith settlement negotiations then some cheap shots about you found out 
I allegedly did not file Third Amended Complaint.  Let’s not forget that in the bad faith settlement discussions we had prior to the theatrics and fibs to the Court that that the TAC was ready to be filed, when the two 
exparte hearings were evolving, let’s not forget you told me the case was getting costly and to have to respond to a Third Amended Complaint was not something your clients would inclined to want to do.
Furthermore, you tried to blame me for the costs, when in fact,  the lawfare practiced to date has not only cost me, but the Court and all defendants. 
Remember, AEG has been the only party ruled on for the Complaints due to the threats and lawfare that keep costing everybody time and money for years now.  Paying an associate attorney to monitor my
keystrokes is somewhat wasteful, and while you did indicate the costs were reduced by re-assigning the monitoring, I believe recently one of your attorneys began to follow one of workers compensation blogs from circa 2013.
That case was settled, in pro per, as you may know as I was interrogated about it in the deposition of earlier this year.  Why your client would want to be billed to have your team monitor an old blog mine is flattering, but seems 
a little silly.  It may, however, provide some insight to how social media and networking can  help facilitate JUSTICE FOR ALL.  I  had a great deal of help and support   in those litigation battles. There was even a 6 month
very public attack on lil ol’ me.  I won.  Sadly, the founder of WorkCompCentral met with an untimely death, just days after a fierce blog article about corruption and a named big pharma  enterprise, which he alleged was primarily responsible 
for the national opioid attack.  He had a freak fatal motorcycle accident and he was an experienced cyclist and pilot. 
So, wh ile you may continue to gaslight me for my concerns regarding threats to my well being, my financial security and that any rejections of bad faith settlement offers  have been “at my peril” – I have reasons to take the threats
from your office very seriously.  I’m not easily frightened, but when I have people in the know with National Security matters expressing alarm for my safety regarding AEG’s counsel and all of the losses I have endured, I have no choice
other than to take all necessary precautions.
You have repeatedly told me not  to even say  hello to you associate attorney if I see him in Court, and your deceptions after months of civil conduct make any future discussion nearly impossible.  
There may be discussions with other defendants regarding global settlement and indemnifications required between a few of them.   You have indicated that your client  has no such obligations to State Farm;
I don’t believe you, but perhaps discovery may prove me wrong… As I told you months ago, I will only consider a global settlement but it looks like AEG counsel has destroyed those possibilities as well.  If that changes,
talk to your co-defense counsels.  Our discussions are over on that topic.
Oh well.  The beat goes on. 
Linda Ayres 
In Pro Per
Disabled American Boomer Female Policy Holder
Linda Ayres vs State Farm et al 
CIV SB 2106284
PO BOX 835
Yucca Valley CA 92286


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    Linda Ayres vs State Farm et al

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    Homeowner Insurer Fraud and Racketeering: How to Get Help when DIY is just too hard….

    Homeowner Insurer Fraud and Racketeering: How to Get Help when DIY is just too hard….

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