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TO SBA re Business Plans / Start Up Assistance  / Mentorship

Submitted August 2022


E-learning and e-courses are said to be destined to become a trillion dollar industry by 2028.

Do I need an LLC or is dba sufficient? What do I need to have in place to qualify for a SBA loan, as a boomer with disabilities in rural America, with a fast keyboard?

How can I get some help create a solid “business plan” before I invest much more time and energy and money into these dreams?

How does business credit work?

I am a boomer with disabilities, and I would love some help in creating a business plan, obtaining an SBA loan to launch a series of e-courses and podcast and ebooks on SURVIVING AN INSURED PROPERTY LOSS CLAIM

(Target market: Female Boomers with Disabilities)

and rallying a membership site to include Public Adjusters, Contractors, Non-Profits and Lawyers;

Sub-topics include HOW TO eCourses and eBooks on ways to Transcend Censorship because WE, THE PEOPLE, ARE THE MEDIA NOW.

Costs for coaching and podcast set up & world class branding are approximately $10K; Costs for marketing/branding/set up for interactive e-course are approximately $30K;

Virtual and Tech assistants also necessary.

Rebranding existing social media presence since 2011 will take some consulting and ‘done with you’ efforts.

The business I envision also includes AFFILIATE MARKETING, to share products and services I have found valuable on my journey.

The business I envision also includes virtual MASTER MIND community activities and consulting. My home sustained catastrophic damages along with toxic exposure due to insurer fraud and corruption …

I want to help ensure that not one more American has to experience such victimization and terror.


Maybe there is some grant money available to help me launch?

Many of the defendants are vendors in the Coachella Valley, and the litigation is in San Bernardino County Superior Court.

I lived in my uninhabitable home throughout the entire 2020 lockdown -WITHOUT CEILINGS, WITHOUT WALLS, WITHOUT INSULATION, WITHOUT FLOORING OR FURNITURE, after spending over $125,000 after the insurance carrier spent over $101,000.


WIND PERIL – DATE OF LOSS 2/2/2019 – 65% OF ROOF BLEW OFF … Carrier insists their adjusters and unlawfully assigned premier services vendors handled the claim “correctly” – Draw your own conclusions

They left me with a toxic dump, that one vendor said, “If they ever settle with you, bulldoze the house; you will never be safe in it.” 

I am 7-0 YO. 

The insurer apparently hoped I’d die before realizing how toxic they made my home, and covered it up. I have spent over $125K to make the home habitable and survive this loss, but my home has not yet been restored to pre-loss condition. (65% of the roof blew off 2/2/2019 and the carrier left it roofless for over 40 days during the 2019 Stormageddon series of storms. [You should see the Feng Shui walk thru videos!] 

I have walls and some furniture now, and the slab floor is simply painted. It snows up here.

My social media presence has been huge, but has recently been “sanitized” from Google and Bing, after a series of extreme censorship events nearly a year ago.

More info is available at

I would love to meet via zoom, or an in person meeting in the foreseeable future. I am in Yucca Valley, 92284. Thank you.

PS The threats and intimidation by defendants and their legal counsel have been very third-worldly and scary. The California legal community apparently has a “black list” that I am apparently on.

Let’s fix that….

Linda Ayres



2 responses to “Who Ya Gonna Call when your Insurer Destroys Your Home and Health on Purpose?”

  1. Displaced and Dispossessed Avatar

    Reblogged this on Forced In and commented:
    I believe I, too, am on the blacklist. Five years and mountains of documentary evidence after my catastrophe with Liberty Mutual insurance et al., no one responds to my calls for help, especially not a lawyer. Corruption in large sacks characterizes state and local government and corporations big and small.


  2. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    Being able to give Oral Testimony in Court is important, particularly for people with disabilities that are easily bamboozled by trickery and legal chicanery of unscrupulous litigants… Practice helps… Getting better and better at these videos, ya think? I have a few more days to tighten it up…

    State Farm DID NOT DENY MY CLAIM … so who & what caused catastrophic damages & #ToxicExposure ?


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