Could a Public Adjuster have made a difference?


PDF tac-linda-ayres-vs-state-farm-et-al-civ-sb-2016284-july-6-2022- – SERVICE LIST OMITTED FOR BLOG– 

[If you have an interest in the LAW, attached is a PDF of the Third Amended Complaint.  It’s part of public records, and does not breach any confidentiality agreements, to the best of my knowledge. ]


Due to lawfare practices, only one of the Defendant’s strikes and demurrers have been ruled on over the years.  Those rulings include going forward with the following Causes of Actions, for one of the defendants – the others are still to be heard:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Breach of the Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
  • Intentional Interference with Contractual Relations and Conspiracy
  • Negligence
  • Toxic Exposure

Leave to amend was granted for the following Causes of Action:

  • Fraud
  • Intentional Misrepresentation
  • RICO – Racketeering Influenced & Corrupt Organizations & Conspiracy

Motion to Strike was sustained for one Defendant for:

  • Elder Financial Abuse & Disability Discrimination. It was inadvertently omitted from the TAC for other defendants.  Too bad for Boomers and others with disabilities across America, but we know what big insurance carriers and their lawfully and unlawfully assigned vendors do in their playbooks of #ProfitsBefore lives.


Some defense firms expressed desire to settle earlier this year, but due to indemnification agreements and other complications, they were not included in settlement agreements.  The only hope now is a GLOBAL GOOD FAITH SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT between plaintiff and remaining defendants, but it doesn’t look like the lawyers can get that together.   

Alex Su and Jonathan Pollard often write on LinkedIn about #BillableHours and how they impact justice.  THIS is simply another example.

This could be a useful study guide for the #Insurance and #Legal industry professionals, along with the restoration, remediation, environmental industries, even without the Exhibits.  They are available if you have a legit use for the Common Good to see them, or they can be obtained directly from the Court, through Unicourt or something like that.

It can certainly be useful to #PolicyHolders — if you’re not a lawyer, be very careful of which insurance company you pay premiums to for decades.

I was (and still am) a State Farm policyholder for over 5 decades.  When one of the vendors responded to my concerns that my home was being purposely destroyed by the [unlawfully assigned] State Farm premier services members, I was told, “Don’t worry about it, Lady.  Let the rain destroy everything.  The insurance company will pay for it all”

Another vendor said, “If State Farm ever settles with you, bulldoze this house.  You’ll never be safe in it!”


My #StateFarm agent couldn’t be bothered, although I kept his office apprised of the destruction happening at my California home and the apparent direction of the first assigned State Farm Arizona adjuster, then the entire Arizona claims office, including managers in Arizona and Atlanta.  It was and continues to be an apparent #InsurerScam gone wrong, and the responsible parties are remorseless, threatening and intimidating.

The agent told me to “Lawyer Up and Sue for a million dollars!” I cried and said, “I don’t need a million dollars.  I just need my home restored to preloss condition. And I can’t find a law firm to represent me!!!”  He flippantly said, ‘If you can’t find a lawyer, here’s what you do.  Lawyer up, sue for $10 million, tell the law firm you don’t need $10 million, a million will do, and they can keep the $9 million”  No kidding, that’s what my #StateFarm agent told me.  His office staff was there.  They saw the pictures and took my calls and kept appointments with me and tried to get the Arizona office to help me, to no avail.

Michael Tipsord, Chairman of State Farm, has turned it into a horrible company, destroying property and lives, while he makes a salary with bonuses of over $8,000,000?  Insurance media reported that 2020 State Farm Profits are based on racketeering.  Certainly sounds plausible from my perspective, and his affiliations with Brookings Institution as a Trustee are also supsicious, particularly since they lost their company president due to investigations by FBI into some money laundering matters with Qatar… politically oriented money laundering?  


PS  State Farm has also apparently targeted America’s children.  See the media campaign.

I told one lawyer that I understand I may not win this lawsuit, but I already won by sounding the alarms around the world.  Before it was santitized away recently, a BING SEARCH of Linda Ayres Vs State Farm Et Al showed results of nearly 3 billion, with my posts and videos all over the first few pages.  It’s down to about 2, 500 results now.   GOOGLE was sanitized about a year ago.. it got up to about 60 million results, then dropped and remains around… 581,000,with my stuff all over the first pages.

With a documented head injury, PREDICTABLY UNPREDICTABLE RESULTS can be expected.



  1. So now, 1 of 5 defense firms is playing more lawfare games? They failed to respond to the TAC, after some extremely bad faith fake settlement discussions and threats, attempted to save their client some money by faking the Court out saying they did the TAC response, but they “discovered” that Plaintiff did not file it. Ha! If they ever showed up in Court vs terrorizing by telephone, they would know the entire Court system is back-logged, and Court employees are working diligently to get things done, and being polite to EVERYBODY, even law firms that abuse the system and overburden the Courts.

    So now if that doesn’t work, they want to the Court to agree that I didn’t object to everybody’s else SAC – Second Amendment Complaint (because they were moot, in light of the leave to Amend.

    That law firm keeps forgetting to the the Court that they failed to put a due date on the NOR – Notice of Rulings, and I understood the date to be July 6, 2022 due date, per Court transcriptions, not 60 days from whenever, and not knowing if that is calendar days, week days or Court days. You’d think that a seasoned lawyer might know that a NOR should have a date??

    I understand that some law firms have a full time person in a job for just calendaring matters.. maybe the paralegal was off the day the NOR was sent, and the lawyer did it??

    We’ll know more next week! Justice is Coming..

    Watch and follow and share, if you will.. this might help somebody else… whether or it not it helps move things forward in Linda Ayres vs State Farm et al..


    State Farm DID NOT DENY MY CLAIM … so who & what caused catastrophic damages & #ToxicExposure ?


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