Litigation, Litigation Intimidation, Lawfare and or Fixers? Mold and Mycotoxins! Oh My!

Do your own research; draw your own conclusions about using State Farm Preferred Vendors FOR ANYTHING!


Here are a few resources that might be of value/interest in you, or someone you know, had been egregiously and intentionally harmed by State Farm and it’s Preferred Vendors.

#LegalUp2022 – an InfoTrack US event – April 5-6, 2022

One of the sessions is “A beginner’s guide to eDiscovery”

and HOW TO WIN IN COURT  – a legal self help course of international distinction. Take the legal quiz; if you don’t pass the quiz, TAKE THE COURSE

State Farm told me I was required to use their Preferred Vendors for policy coverage when my roof blew off 2/2/2019. Then they started lying about it and sending computer generated emails in late February 2019 suggesting it was a wise choice; it was NOT A CHOICE.


State Farm's Record-Breaking Growth Linked to Racketeering Enterprises

They left me without a roof for approximately 40 days.  There were multiple storms – wind, rain and snow.

I begged for authorization to replace the first two vendors;  I was told by State Farm adjuster  ‘Linda, Nobody likes the State Farm Preferred Vendor Program, but we’re stuck with it.’

My home was 65% demolished and I begged for authorization to replace the assigned vendors.  On or about March 7, 2019, a roof and rebuild xactimate estimate finally showed up and authorization to replace the vendors was finally granted.

Vendors couldn’t send it to me until the client, STATE FARM, authorized it.  They couldn’t even tell me about it. I cried and said, “You’ve turned a $10,000 claim into more than $100,000.  You’ve destroyed my home”

The vendor’s sales guy disagreed and said my project was not a big deal, not more than $20K.   There’s more to that story in other blogs.

So, a mold clearance was needed prior to authorization to build back.  State Farm called  one of their preferred vendors in March 2019 to request the build back.  There is a gap in the documents produced; suffice to say that State Farm requested and received a “mold clearance” that later led to 95% demolition of the house, toxic exposure and sickness of occupant.

The defense counsel for the environmental testing company has been less than civil for months. At one point he suggested that State Farm adjuster who placed the mold clearance order requests was likely given a price choice between “chevy and cadillac” and apparently chose the “least expensive” version of the mold clearance for build back.  I guess they didn’t inquire about whether or not there was any chemical remediation either?

An August 2019 report by the same company, after visible mold had been reported and documented in other environmental tests, first suggested that the toxicity was mildly toxic.  Upon further questioning, they amended the second report to suggest hepa vacuum of all surfaces and wipe down.  They apparently did not think that any of the contamination could be coming from BEHIND THE WALLS that had not been remediated and that were only partially demolished in February 2019.  Odd assumptions.

So, fast forward to litigation, and it looks like the Preferred Vendors take the lead both up front and behind the scenes to intimidate and attempt to “Litigate the Margins” and  “Klll Shallow Pockets” while knowingly and willfully discriminating, abusing, and oppressing a disabled elderly woman.

pdf linda ayres vs state farm et al – 4 1 2022

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