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If they all did nothing wrong, what caused the catastrophic damages at the Little House on the Mesa in California?

Scott greene
Scott greene

Boy you’re really giving those lawyers the business , aren’t ya ?

scott greene

How’d the hearing go ?

scott greene

Pretty dark stuff on your LinkedIn posts about the defense counsel , don’t you think ?

scott greene

Good luck with the GoFundMe

Don’t be so silly on social media, Scott Greene!

BTW, do you get billable hours for messing with me on #SocialMedia?  How do you code it?

Does AEG know?  Does State Farm know?   You guys are tooo much!


You know I’m not giving them the business. I think you’re giving me the business now, huh?!

#StateFarm did that!  It’s called the Preferred Vendor program… non-preferred vendors know how it works, and how too often, preferred vendors do shoddy work, causing damages and catastrophic losses, badda bing, then in come the lawyers to protect and defend corruption?

You know the old saying, #FollowTheMoney….

Hey, did that case you guys won in 2020 about MOLD AND FRAUD AND BREACHES OF CONTRACTS involving 6 plaintiff’s that made so many people sick with mold poisoning include Conspiracy, RICO, negligence and the other causes of action that mine does?

Were those 6 plaintiff’s self-represented, like me, or… did their attorneys just tip toe around what happened and who did what?

Were you as mean and harassing to them as you are to me? Anybody elderly and disabled in that group?

Did AEG provide them with a mold clearance that was later disputed by others, too?

And the QUESTION OF THE DAY — DID THAT CASE ALSO INVOLVE STATE FARM, AEG, ServPro, PDR, PuroClean, RapidDry, Contractor Connection and or any of the other defendants in my case?

No need to respond publicly, unless you dare to.  [I’m not your colleague. That was a quite a discussion, wasn’t it!]

Just send me an email at the Judge approved separate and specially designated email for you and your firm to me, due to, you know…matters for the Bar to sort out.

Thanks for reading and sharing my blog this week.  You get a badge for TOP FAN!

I had a screaming headache all day today, and I could hardly sleep last night (you probably saw some of my creative posts? #ArtTherapy!  Uses right brain rather than they heavy load on left brain functions dealing with lawfare matters.  I have friends and connections on LinkedIn who give a hoot about my well being!)

After your attacks from yesterday by email trying to interfere with settlement negotiations with the other defense firms…I was a little rattled.

I felt better after I watched the video the influential medical malpractice lawyer suggested for a lazy Sunday..

I haven’t owned a tv for years and years (ok, decades!) …. so I had never heard of that program. It is Sort of like an updated GodFather Series and the Sopranos? The name will come to me; you probably already saw it on linkedin. The part where the “Fixer” told the gal to GET A DOG really made sense.

I know you can’t give me legal advice, but could you send me the case number for the case on your company’s website?

“Booth LLP Obtains Dismissal Of All Claims In A Mold-Based Fraud And Contract Suit”


I could be wrong, but I think the National Association of Attorneys General #NAAG #NAAG #NAAG might find it of interest, particularly if not only circumstances BUT PARTICIPANTS are similar to mine.  So be sweet and let me know, huh?  Thanks!

I’m sad you refused to send me electronic copies of all the court stuff . I’m still struggling to sort through what paperwork goes with what, and because of your meanness and lawfare tactics, I can’t even check my computer for lost copies. Disability abuse should be an actionable item. But maybe not. But anyhow, I’m making progress.  Maybe I can find some help in that arena, too.

With my other overdue pleadings, go figure. I know you’re shocked that your bombarding me with over 200 emails since the 11/22/2021 hearing caused me some distress and confusion and delays.

Experts often say that mental and verbal abuses are often far worse than physical abuse.  Psychological warfare requires training.  Where did you get your training?  It’s beyond obnoxious harassment.  Somebody suggested you might be an Company drop out? I thought that was silly, too!

Real professional defense attorneys and I had civilized conversations recently, extended due dates, and they even kindly responded to my request to please send the electronic copies in one email so I have everything in one place, so I can finish things up. Why can’t you be nice?

If you stay out of my settlement negotiations, State Farm and AEG might get my undivided attention in the foreseeable future.  I guess if other defendants settle up above your 998 number, that doesn’t impact, just the jury award and nuclear verdict are of any concern to you?

Like I said in the latest DEAR ALL email to all you dear lawyers, if we can cut the defendant number in half or better, I might have better luck finding legal representation, and dealing with your shenanigans. I do believe that the National Association of Insurance Commissioners needs to be made fully aware of what you and State Farm have done, and also, those inaccurate reports have put a number of contractors at risk for toxic exposure, based on your client’s reports in February 2019 and August 2019 that there was no discernable mold and mycotoxin contamination.

Savage Construction did the first build back, so they are the ones that relied on the AEG report provided by State Farm.  Mike Savage admitted he knows nothing about mold; I’ll be talking his lawyer this week, and we’ll find out if they plan to cross complain and if any of the Savage subcontractor got sick since their 2019 exposure at my house.  Heck, State Farm probably needs to check on that also.  When I saw Mike in Court, before he took my advice and reported the lawsuit to his insurance company, who then lawyered up, he looked pretty tired. If there’s an issue with cross complaints brewing, I’m sure counsel will let you know in accordance with code.

So, one of your other complaints to the Judge about me and my production of documents, on time but not done like a lawyer, was apparently that my thousands and thousands of pages of produced documents didn’t have “Bates Numbers” …. you could have just even asked, “Yo, Linda! Where are the Bates Numbers?” I’ll checker on to see if I can get some help in that department, too.

That’s a picture from last winter. I lived in the house like that, for over a year. I recently learned that it was considered “uninhabitable” but I couldn’t get State Farm adjusters back out, and with the lock down, I couldn’t find a Contractor to do the build back after the second demolition.
What a mess. It was sooooooooooooooooo COLD… It snows here… I learned the value of insulation and dry wall last year. Some of the remediation guys seem to think that a little KILZ white paint is remediation? Go figure! At least they didn’t say, “SPRAY IT WITH BLEACH, LADY, SOLVES EVERYTHING!”

Public Environmental Reports can be found at  – LOOK AND COMPARE; DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS…

So our next hearing is 4/13/2022 and inspection of my home is 2/25/22 (be sure to send me the roster of attendees, their qualifications, contact info and insurance coverage no later than 2/15/22 or the inspection is off calendar.  The 45 days leave to correct the produced discovery documents is March 13, 2022 and I’ll do my utmost to get them all done and get motions ready.  Lots of deadlines between now and then, plus settlement negotiations.

My brain doctor said this sort of mental gymnastics is good for rebuilidng neuro-pathways…  so, thank your for forcing me to create new neuropathways!!  😀

So, I won’t expect to hear from you before 2/15/22, unless you can pretty please send me the Unicourt link or other info on that case that looks so much like mine, only it includes more people. HOW PEOPLE ARE REQUIRED FOR CLASS ACTION? Do you know or can you tell me who you fear in the CLASS ACTION WORLD?

PS  Did you want to retract and apologize for your threat that you’re going to try again to violate my First Amendment rights, in another Court with another Judge? the insinuation was startling.  #AskingForSomeFriends


Thanks for commenting and reading.


PS remember remember.. WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW

Typed fast and not edited; gotta get back to discover matters for you and the others– we could be like George and Gracie Allen on a podcast, once this is settled huh? Or, Lucy and Charlie Brown! ;D


4 responses to “DEFENSE LAWYER WANTS TO BE PEN PALS rather than have legitimate Settlement Discussions? It’s probably more profitable?”

  1. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    Why is there so much unprosecuted corruption in the world of insurance? #AskingForSomeAmericans!


  2. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    See more videos, too..


  3. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    You know the old saying… #WeAreTheMediaNow … #GoogleIt #BingBingBing … #FollowThatBlog!

    #OccupyVirtually … because… #BlackMoldMatters


  4. Scott greene Avatar
    Scott greene

    The hearing went really well ?


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