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The Ex Parte Hearing of October 29, 2021 went well!  It was a serious win for the #FirstAmendment

Here’s another first amendment win!!!  By Public Adjuster, Andrew McCabe!  

The Ex Parte Hearing on November 2, 2021… about protections from discovery abuses, cyber-stalking, limits on emails, sanctions for attorneys who did not oppose the Friday ex-part hearing about First Amendment rights violations, sanctions for violations of the Professional Code of Conduct, disability accommodation request violations, venue change to COMPLEX LIGITATION program guidelines, and postponement of an upcoming hearing to allow counsel to correct and amend his paperwork that leaves off half the defendants in the Linda Ayres vs State Farm et al and DOES 1-250….

…didn’t quite go so well.

The Judge patiently and kindly listened to me attempt to articulate matters.  Although it had been suggested to me,  as the abuse has escalated.  that I ‘file an ex parte motion for sanctions and protections’ — I didn’t know how to do that.  I will study (again) Rules of Verbal Self Defense and Communication with Corporate Psychopaths


I tried to model my EX PARTE things after the service I had received.

Apparently, I hugely missed the mark. 

I stuck around and listened and watched further hearings, and learned more about Court processes and procedures. I learned about MSJ- Motion for Summary Judgement, Dismissal with Prejudice and Dismissal without Prejudice, 2 whole punch and fastener requirements, and a reminder to PACK MY LUNCH, AND TAKE IT WITH ME NEXT TIME.   (I left it on the kitchen counter as I raced out of the house at 5:45 am Tuesday.)

I think I may also need an ‘editor’ …

…and I want to see about getting some ebooks out… not necessarily specific to this case, but more general — in order to help more of you avoid what more of them have done to me…

Note: I am disabled Boomer…  elder abuse and disability discrimination certainly factor in to how all the defendants claim they did nothing wrong and that it’s simply a mystery how my home ended up catastrophically damaged after a $10K roof loss, and that I ended up sick from Toxic Exposure.

Alas, when contractor act like adjusters [unlicensed] and adjusters act like contractors [unlicensed] and insurance carriers operate like Contractors in the State of California [unlicensed] sub-contracting to #PetVendors and using unlicensed adjusters to cheat policy holders and leave policy holders holding the bag for the negligent, unfair dealings, multiple breached contracts that appear to be a huge part of the RICO LEVEL cover up in national insurance scam… IT IS WHAT IT IS

“Suffice it to say – Plaintiff has gotten our attention.”- Defense Attorney


ONE of the ATTORNEYS apparently likes to read my social media posts, and expressed concerned that I don’t approve many comments.  

FOR THE RECORD, NON-SPAM COMMENTS HAVE BEEN RECENTLY RELEASED, SORT OF LIKE THE #RunningOfTheBulls  — FEEL FREE TO COMMENT, too.. or add your favorite links of related insurer matters…. because…


As I told one attorney about the second ex parte event:


That was certainly not the anticipated result in the hearing today.  :/


It was a lesson for me in cognitive fatigue — 3 trips in 5 days to the Court house  (approx 90 miles each way) with pressure of responding with no advance notice for the Friday ex-parte, followed by a weekend of thought assembly, and Monday to deliver docs to court, then Tuesday morning appear for ex-parte – threw me for a loop.  I hate when that happens.  


That totally sucks when my brain freezes and I can hardly speak.  I’m sure you may have noticed a difference between our zoom call and my attempts to speak to the Judge. But, the doctor’s and SSA didn’t call me disabled just to be mean.. I slept  alll afternoon.  Anyhow, TMI….  



I did learn a few things by hanging out in Court afterwards, about demurrers and how they are handled! That’s a win! Learning never Ends.


I also learned a bit about …  “DISMISSAL WITH PREJUDICE”  —–  Interesting concept when matched up with reasonable numbers?  Last week I also learned about NUCLEAR VERDICTS, and some Big Law Firm strategies to drag out cases and parachute in big guns “pre-trial’  – 

Well, I can say this about that!  WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW … and we outnumber them!  ;D


3 responses to “WHEN COMMENTS COUNT… because WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW — #ExpectUs ;D”

  1. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar


    When unlicensed adjusters act like General Contractors, when unlicensed contractors act like adjusters, and when both parties provide false reports at the behest of benefactor insurance carriers, we have a #NationalCorruptionCRISIS threatening homes and lives everywhere. #BeyondMold #blackmoldmatters

    ATTORNEYS, PLEASE NOTE: #OathBeforeProfits …

    “State Farm is committing fraud. I’m going to call it out. I understand that there are billions at stake, but you’re still in the wrong. Not only that, but you are acting illegally. This won’t end until someone takes action.”



  2. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    Remember remember.. #WeAreTheMediaNow … Carry on…


  3. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    #TwitterUp … #WhenLibertyIsInJeopardy! NOTICE: WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW


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