Insurer Wars? NUCLEAR VERDICTS? Exiled from LinkedIn? Was it something I thought?

Got Insurance Complaints? Yeah, #MeToo!



You can find me at  – that domain name used to point to my LinkedIn page [GONE, FOR NOW – LOCKED OUT] .. now it points to my Facebook profile. now points to this blog.  All are subject to further changes in light of the escalating national censorship crisis in America. 

I miss my 7,000 or so connections on LinkedIn….  not sure if the exile is permanent or temporary.

I responded immediately to the LinkedIn #ThoughtPolice demand for #YourPapers

Then I wrote an appeal about the “restriction” aka censorship/banning/exile/disappearing by LinkedIn.

It seems the thought police are unfamiliar with US Government stats from EPA, and that they are also unfamiliar with terms like #Physics, and they hate science.  In any event, they said investigations could take up to 14 days.

Meanwhile, rather than attempt to learn any of the many other platforms, I thought I would stop by Facebook and see some old pals.  I migrated from Facebook to LinkedIn after the censorship became too outrageous after Zuck spoke to Congress circa 2017.  After that meeting, along with many others, most of my posts and articles about Fukushima Triple Nuclear Meltdowns were disappeared from Facebook…  so I kept a tiny presence, but I really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful and super smart people on LinkedIn.

I might be back on LinkedIN – but you never can tell with thought police these days, huh? They sure don’t like Boomers and conservatives and that ilk.   Telegram is an option, Rumble, and some of the other new ones.  We’ll see.  #JusticeIsComing

So, one of the blessings in the exile is that it gives me more time to address some looming legal matters and deadlines.

Most of the defense firms needed some extra time to ANSWER THE COMPLAINT so we have until November 8, 2021.

We’re still in the #MeetAndConfer Duty Mode.  It certainly is COMPLEX LITIGATION.


Also, THE LINKEDIN CENSORSHIP/BANNING gives me a chance to learn a little about Podcasting… WHEN SOME SOCIAL PLATFORMS FAIL, WE DO OTHER STUFF.

If you’re also on Facebook, I started a little file-cabinet type group to collect some links to some of the top podcasters and podcasting coaches/trainers on the planet.  Stop by?  It’s a public group… you might find something you might like to know more about there… I purchased a bundle of about 40 training courses on PODCASTING .. so that will keep in learning mode….the bundle was only $47! Wow!  Similar bundles happen twice a year. I’ll let you know when the next one is.  GREAT STUFF! 

My Struggles with Corruption AND


Below is a current facebook post… it’s been so long since I’ve spent much time there, it’s almost l learning another new platform.  Looks like plenty of nice changes there, too… and GROUPS are the thing, for sure!    





Here’s the video channel — 

Linda Ayres vs State Farm et al RECAP – Getting Ready for LITIGATION

FOLLOW THE CHANNEL AND THIS BLOG, IF YOU WILL… the more the merrier.  You gotta wonder, like me, why the heck people in CH*NA are reading this blog, huh?  Yikes! 

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