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3 responses to “Ready or Not … Here comes litigation … Linda Ayres vs State Farm et al”

  1. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    Structural Property Damages
    Structural property damages, depending upon the structure and size, settlements can range from one hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars. The key to effective mold litigation on behalf of the property owner is to identify the negligent party. For example: improper mold remediation, faulty roof installation or repair, improper plumbing installation or repair, or a negligent neighbor. After establishing a negligent party, the next step is to identify causation (what action, lack of action, or service was faulty). The negligent party’s insurance carrier will often be a factor in this process.”


  2. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    …. and if the #insurance #agent, #adjuster #carrier & #vendors insist on #litigation- keep the #CourtOfPublicOpinion up to date…. ie:



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