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Dear All:  [Ayres vs State Farm et al Defendants] 
I had promised to have the First Amended Complaint to each of you by or before June 28, 2021.
There has been a delay, described in the 9 page word document herein.  
I wanted you to have it on NATIONAL INSURANCE AWARENESS DAY.  
Oh well, every day is National Insurance Awareness Day to victims of insurance crimes.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.  
There is also an alphabetical list of all the microbial toxic elements I was exposed to, by date of report.
It does not include reports after 2/2020 — I have to add them to the spreadsheet in time for Court Graphics to be prepared.
One important question for all parties to ponder is 
Does that conform with IICRC professional guidelines?
Please do not call me unless you are willing to agree
to record the call, with transcription available to all parties.  
Or text me. If you leave a voice mail, it will
be transcribed for me, so know that, too.
Linda Ayres, In Pro Per
Attachment:  Word document explaining delay and consequences


June 28, 2021

TO:  Defendants in Ayres vs State Farm et al  CIV SB 2106284

FROM:   Linda Ayres, In Pro Per – PLAINTIFF



Dear All:


Let’s hope that #NationalINSURANCE discussions continue 

My sincere apologies.  There has been a delay in filing of the First Amended Complaint.

I have not yet received the draft of the First Amended Complaint back from the paralegal who was confused that he was expecting my signature on the document to file today; not realizing I had not received the second edited draft.

Puzzling, baffling, perplexing.  He had been ill last week and today he seems to think I have caused the delay. 

After further discussions, the lost documents seem to have been found and we are proceeding as quickly as possible.

My edits were not made nor were named defendants edited but some of the text was rearranged.  

I know I promised most of you that I would have the first amended complaint to you and yours by or before June 28, 2021, and I am sorry, that’s not possible. 

I will get the draft back from the paralegal and see if I can it myself and get filed and courtesy copy sent to all of you by this coming Friday, July 2, 2021.  [I should know tomorrow if paralegal will finish the project or if I have to figure it out]

State Farm filed something with the Court (rather than reaching out to me by email) demanding a 30 day extension, which moves their due date to July 14, 2021.  I would like to, if it’s proper, extend that same deadline to all served parties, knowing the clock will start ticking again as the First Amended Complaint is served.  

Kindly confirm back by email that you are ok with a group extension to July 14, 2021, subject to new clock ticking upon receipt of First Amended Complaint, which will take us almost to August 2021?

There was some further confusion as to whether or not to keep the parties in the First lawsuit separate — as parties sent by State Farm or it’s assignees etc. 

My original intent was always to have two lawsuits, with a second complaint for the damages caused by the vendors I actually hired.  Please refer again to the Mind Map 4 page diagram of the timeline [sent in earlier emails]

I would also like to invite each and all of you to read/view/subscribe to my social media awareness efforts.  It may also further acquaint you with the details of this case:



and others…..

Here’s a LinkedIn post about IICRC standards and Restoration Industry matters regarding how #StateFarm and it’s #PreferredVendors leave a home in a catastrophically toxic mess and insist the claim has been handled correctly.  The list is of all the mold species found in testing from 2019 through part of 2020 — additional data in nearly 500 pages of toxic environmental exposure reports. 

As most of the defendants know, with the exception of several State Farm adjusters, mold becomes a huge problem within 48-72 hours if not properly and completely dried out remediated. 


My home was left without a roof and/or proper tarp for approximately 40 days of multiple storms in February 2019.    $101,000 was paid on the claim TO COVER UP THE FAILURES OF THE DEFENDANTS AND THE HOME HAS YET TO BE RESTORED TO PRELOSS CONDITION. 

The first demolition was grossly incomplete and falsified with fake clearance reports. The second demolition took place starting in February 2020.

In fact, one environmental inspector said, “If State Farm ever settles with you, bulldoze the house; you’ll never be safe in it” [due to the catastrophic toxic contamination and evidenced medical consequences.] 


Where is the proximate cause when disabled policy holders are threatened and helplessly watch their home being destroyed by adjuster assigned PreferredVendor teams and the stress, threats & duress contribute to slip and fall, head injury, hospitalization and extreme cognitive set back.

All because policy holder refused to participate in insurance crimes/scams/misconduct??

I also received – Yesterday – June 27, 2021 –  two letters from State Farm dated November 2, 2020 – that lock-down/pandemic/election  stuff  surely messed up mail delivery, too, huh? 

That letter was signed by Matthew Harmon, one of the many State Farm adjusters assigned to the claim since February 2, 2019. There was also yet another email dated June 15, 2021 signed by Roy Paynter of State Farm, the Manager for the Adjuster Team involved in my claim.  He was responding to my emails of May 26, 2021, June 3, 2021 and several emails sent between June 3, 2021 and June 10, 2021.  

Roy even wrote to my personal legal counsel, despite my directions that Karla Gottschalk is not representing me in this case, and that Roy  was to correspond directly with me.  Ms Gottschalk, a semi-retired litigator, had to write him a stern letter telling him in no uncertain terms that she is not representing me in this matter at this time, so stop writing to her.  

Roy’s June 15, 2021 letter appears to be attempting to give the appearance that I was still writing to him thinking they might do the right thing after I heard from State Farm Defense Counsel.  The letter itself is just another example of how the State Farm Arizona claims office just makes stuff up to suit their cover up concerns.  The State Farm defense counsel told me it is not “proper” for me to write to the adjuster — I wish she would tell the adjusters to stop writing to me.  I first heard from the State Farm defense counsel on or about 14 June 2021 — DO THE MATH?

Please do NOT call me unless you are willing to have the call recorded.  I took a call this week that was followed up with an email acknowledging agreements that were not made.  So, let’s keep all communications in writing or recorded if verbal..  It will be much more simple for all concerned. 

Thank you for your courtesy.  Let me know if you have any questions about the delay, about social media outreach and if you can collectively use this email distribution list to commence communications regarding distribution of liability and potential mediation.  


There will be a series of little ebooks to contribute to NATIONAL INSURANCE AWARENESS DAY and Insurer Wars.

I am planning for jury trial in October 2021, with as much social media attention we can muster.  I would prefer mediation, but I’m encouraged to aim for JURY TRIAL AND CLASS ACTION.

I have also had people inquire about #ClassAction and I will soon reach out to a few known class action attorneys interested in State Farm and it’s PreferredVendor programs.

One such attorney suggested there are at least 10,000 cases just like mine… that include elder financial abuse, disability discrimination, toxic exposure, homes not restored to preloss condition, and the musical chair of revolving adjusters to create an environment of confusion and obfuscation and injustice.


Linda Ayres

ps Class Action may be required; please see that attached social media outreach comment from the East Coast…

Here’s another similar story — #ComeyVsStateFarm – Mission Viejo, #California  

ABC reported on it… 

Mission Viejo couple sues State Farm over damaged home, breach of contract

NOT SO DIFFERENT FROM MY STORY, HUH?    WOW!   #InsurerWars   #Cahoots! 

4 responses to “National Insurance Awareness Week Alert: WHEN IS A PACKOUT A LEGITMATE SUBSTITUTE FOR A TARP OR ROOF REPLACEMENT?”

  1. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

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  2. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    Structural Property Damages
    Structural property damages, depending upon the structure and size, settlements can range from one hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars. The key to effective mold litigation on behalf of the property owner is to identify the negligent party. For example: improper mold remediation, faulty roof installation or repair, improper plumbing installation or repair, or a negligent neighbor. After establishing a negligent party, the next step is to identify causation (what action, lack of action, or service was faulty). The negligent party’s insurance carrier will often be a factor in this process.”


  3. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    👠👠 In matters of Linda Ayres Vs State Farm ® et al & #DOES 1-250, is there precedent for #prosecution of #conspiracy to commit #MoralTurpitude?

    Or, is that a #NAAG MATTER?
    National Association of Attorneys General

    National Whistleblower Center
    #BeyondLawfare #Cahoots

    Read all about it;
    See videos: #EnvironmentalReports

    They even ignored the best settlement offer they will ever see again- and none of them probably disclosed it to their clients before deadline. Could have saved them millions ⚖️

    Is #PelicanBay still open? 🦅

    Complicit defense legal representatives apparently breaking laws to protect against #RICO evidence is a little much for a disabled elderly woman who had a water damage claim in 2019.

    #Lawless in #California



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    Watch for #PressReleases #SignUp



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