Insurance Industry Blame Games? Cluster . . .


…State Farm ® failed & continues to refuse to restore my home and health to #PreLoss condition Date of loss 2/2/2019 🆘

#SOS #SAM #SavingAmericansMatters 🤔

State Farm ® blames Paul Davis USA Contractor Connection SERVPRO American Environmental Group & #insured hired clean up crews!  #Cahoots!

Paul Davis USA blames Contractor Connection , State Farm ® & SERVPRO & me

SERVPRO blames Paul Davis USA , State Farm ® & me The SERVPRO adjuster claims #ServPro doesn’t know how to do #roof #tarps so it must have been Paul Davis USA & because #insured is disabled she must be too stupid to know who did what 🤕

American Environmental Group wrote two environmental reports – first one for State Farm ® that was used to authorize build back. Second one supposedly supports fraud of first report. Even a 4th grader could see that dilemma.  Additional reports provide scientific evidence AEG and State Farm f-d up, big time. The proof is in the reports of March 2019 compared to their own report of August 2019.  State Farm ordered the first one and paid for it; Insured ordered the second one and paid for it, and several others.  [The IEP dangerous practices are a threat to public safety, and they are another topic for another day.

A local #paralegal charged me $500 to serve summons— took forever & did not include filing #POS back at court! What a #pos! He blamed me. That situation has apparently been resolved.

All the above & others colluding with them seem to have mastered the #BlameTheVictim dark side #playbook, probably while sipping tea & cracking #fortune cookies



#SavingAmericaMatters 🦅


See image below for an example of how State Farm “handles a claim correctly” —  I lived like that for over a year, at 3,500′ elevation.  Ya think winter was a little chilly!  D’oh!  Here comes Hi-Desert Summer … got insulation and walls now…flooring and furniture are an extravagance….  ALL BECAUSE I REFUSED TO PARTICIPATE IN AN APPARENT INSURANCE KICK-BACK SCAM — Apparently the boyz all thought that a disabled boom is easy prey.  Let’s fix that, shall we? #SAM




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  9. #NationalDiscussion Topic  “Rule #1 The carrier will never willingly do the right thing” – Andrew G McCabe and friends  See how the industry responds and reacts
  10. ….When I refused to participate in the apparent insurance fraud, and begged for authorization to have their vendors dismissed so I could find legitimate contractors – they authorized (and performed) build back OVER IDENTIFIED WATER DAMAGED / SATURATED WALLS BASED ON A FRAUDULENT OR RECKLESSLY NEGLIGENT AND CERTAINLY FALSE IEP ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT THAT THE STATE FARM ADJUSTER REQUESTED, NEGOTIATED AND PAID FOR.

    The same vendor was called back to the house months later to inspect the entire house, as I was getting very sick.

Their second report seems intended to cover up the fraud of the first report. State Farm paid for the first one; I paid for the second one… approximately $2,000. The second one was the entire house, and they were fully apprised both times of the 40 days of roofless water intrusion. The second report found air quality unacceptable with an asterisk, and no remediation protocol recommendations.

When pressed in August 2019, the lab guy said, ‘Lady, if this was my Mom’s house, I would tell her to just clean it” I said, “With what? Windex?” So then he wrote a protocol for yet another State Farm preferred vendor to bid on.. $10,000 for #hepa cleaning, and blatant and reckless disregard for the SOURCE OF THE TOXICITY (unfinished and reckless water damage work; abandoned by State Farm vendors before State Farm dispatched General Contractor could get an #xactimate estimate to #ContractorConnection and #StateFarm, because I couldn’t cough up $7,000 cash to have them hurry with the roof and cheat a local contractor and cheat State Farm by estimating (over 30 days after inspection!! ) the $9,000 estimate [plus an $8,000 pack-out fee, of stuff rained on for 10 days and not cleaned or dried; just packed into a shipping container – actions coordinated directly with the State Farm adjuster, negotiated and authorized by the desk adjuster — and nobody asked that my double car garage was clean and empty. 

LinkedIn industry posts suggest that pack-outs are a maneuver to facilitate fast money for the contractor, regardless of how they handle the claim.  The vendor alleges they were never the General Contractor, just the pack-out guys.  Yet they appeared and conducted inspections and barked orders like their designation as General Contractor and Adjuster Representative. The #StateFarm field adjuster did not inspect the property until March 2019, in what the insured was led to believe was a required meeting to authorize replacement contractor who was not a part of the State Farm vendor program.

It’s a little complex, isn’t it.


SEE THE BIG PICTURE……….  it needs to be updated… but the most damage was done early on.  #Cahoots!

By and between State Farm and their Preferred Vendors.  CLICK CLICK sun mesa drive diagram 2019 damages acrobat friendly State Farm 24×36  A government bureaucrat suggested a BIG PICTURE DRAWING BECAUSE THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES SEEM TO BE QUITE COMPLEX.  I wish I had one of those big boards like on the TV crime fighter programs… CSI?  But, old school works… it prints out to the size of 4 pages… and you can zoom in to see the of crimes streaming forth from the little red box.   

Let me know what you think, and how you might improve it before Court?  THANKS for looking!  Share freely… even better,

Subscribe and share freely, because #WeAreTheMediaNow, by every platform available.  #OccupyVirtually… you know how and why.

3 thoughts on “Insurance Industry Blame Games? Cluster . . .

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    Establishing mold medical damages is an important factor when entering mold litigation. Health damages from mold exposure are often connected to the highest settlement figures once long-term health effects, or irreversible health conditions have been proven from mold exposure. Other environmental pathogens like endotoxins and bacteria from water damaged structures may also be a strong contributing factor to your medical damages. We have provided some insight into our process for:

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  2. “Structural Property Damages
    Structural property damages, depending upon the structure and size, settlements can range from one hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars. The key to effective mold litigation on behalf of the property owner is to identify the negligent party. For example: improper mold remediation, faulty roof installation or repair, improper plumbing installation or repair, or a negligent neighbor. After establishing a negligent party, the next step is to identify causation (what action, lack of action, or service was faulty). The negligent party’s insurance carrier will often be a factor in this process.”


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