“Those who commit these crimes against American consumers need to be held criminally accountable & be removed from the industry. ”  The American Policyholder Association & on FB




Why does State Farm hate Americans? 

How do they get away with destroying our homes and health?  I ain’t black, is that why?




Scenario: On Saturday, February 2, 2019, around noon,  Insured calls Insurer’s claims hotline and identifies as a Disabled American asking for direction on “the process” to report a claim because her roof had just blown off. 

Information was taken and insured was given 3 telephone numbers to call to get help. No live agents answered the calls, just voice mail message leaving capacity.

Insured left messages. Insured called Insurer back to advise only voice mail’s left and asked for further directions. Insured was told she could hire a handy man to put a temporary tarp on the property, and was advised to ‘be sure to save the receipts.”  

One party called back late Saturday and advised they could visit the property to inspect and estimate on Monday, February 4, 2019.  On Monday, another party called back and advised they could visit the property to inspect and estimate on Wednesday.

On Monday morning, February 4, 2019, an email arrived from an unknown vendor, advising that a general contractor had been assigned to the claim on behalf of the insured. 

At approximately noon on Monday, February 4, 2019, a tall man appeared and identified as being the general contractor sent by the unknown vendor, on behalf of the insured. He immediately called a local roofer, known to the insured, as she had been a real estate broker in the area prior to her catastrophic workplace injuries of 2012. 

A second vendor arrived approximately 60 minutes after the alleged General Contractor.  Insured asked alleged General Contactor if that vendor should be sent away to keep things simple and under his direction. General Contractor said, ‘No, don’t send him away. We are very busy. I can work with them.’

It was later discovered that the tall man falsely represented himself as a general contractor and an “adjuster representative” — licensed as neither. The carrier adjuster did not inspect the property until mid-March 2019, and relied upon the xactimate estimates and photographs taken by the sales representative, acting in capacity as GC and “Adjuster Representative” — reporting directly to the Phoenix claims office of the insurer.

Alleged General Contractor advised insured that $7,000 cash was required to get a roof on fast, circumventing the insurer and the party that dispatched them to the house.  Insured declined to be extorted and as a result, more than 40 days passed before the roof was replaced.

The water remediation company installed a temporary tarp on February 4, 2019 and set up blowers and cutting walls, only asking the insured to sign an authorization to commence work.  Representative advised the insured that ‘the insurance company would take care of everything’ and that they ‘just need a signature in order to bring the equipment into the house and commence drying.’ 

The temporary tarp failed immediately, and when the parties were advised immediately the remediation company said, “Let the rain destroy everything, the insurance company will cover it.’  They refused repeatedly to replace the failed tarp throughout the month.

While the remediation company was allegedly authorized to spend up to $15,000 without further insurer authorization, the May 2019 bill was approximately $7,000, and the project was abandoned in early March.  Vendor allegedly advised Adjuster that the work was complete on or about February 19, 2019, but staff continued to visit the property and never even picked up their lockbox.

All vendor conversations were reported immediately by the insured to the designated Claims Adjuster, including the immediate and catastrophic failure of the tarp and constant delays in roof replacement, and demands for cash, and other threats. 

The insured pleaded with the adjuster to dismiss the vendors that had been dispatched, wailing that they were destroying her home.  The adjuster told the insured, “Nobody likes the PreferredVendor program, but we are stuck with them.” 

Insured cried and said, ‘They are criminals. They are destroying my home. They turned a $7,000 claim into probably more than $100,000.  I hate them. Get them off my property.’ The adjuster feigned empathy with regrets that insured was stuck with them.

The alleged General Contractor blamed the water remediation crew for the delay. The water remediation project manager blamed the alleged General Contractor, indicating that demolition and remediation could not be completed until the roof was replaced. 

The alleged General Contractor was apparently in direct communications with Adjuster at all times.

After approximately a week he advised the insured that the water saturated rained on household goods were authorized for a pack out in a pod.  Insured had no idea what he was talking about. There was no discussion of options, costs, or timelines.  No paperwork was signed by insured; all authorizations were done between General Contractor and Adjuster.

Dirty pre-used boxes were used and the citizenship of many of the workers was questionable [ WORKCOMP AND ICE MATTERS] .  Day one of pack out approximately 6 people worked for approximately 6 hours. Day two of pack out, approximately 4 people worked for approximately 6 hours, saran wrapping pens, paperclips, non-wet items and there was still no roof.  No paperwork. No itemized inventory was provided. Documentation was not provided to insured, and insurer has refused repeatedly to provide copies of agreements with vendors.  Vendor stated that no money was given to them so no crime had been committed. They falsely claim that they were never on site as General Contractor, but only for pack-out. They failed and refused to replace the roof, and the 40 days of delay caused catastrophic damages, with full knowledge of the adjuster.

3 days after packout, a representative of the alleged General Contractor visited the insured at the 2 room-hotel room and demanded a contract be signed for the pack-out/pack-back for approximately $8,000, with wavier of 3 day right to cancel.  Gasping at the cost, the insured said, “OMG, my garage was completely clean and empty. That’s a lot of money.’  Representative said, ‘It’s ok, the adjuster approved it.  Insured signed, under extreme duress and confusion because of the systemic destruction of her home and safe place.

Turns out the alleged General Contractor was not a contractor at all.  The tall man was a sales representative.  No estimate was provided to the insured.  Representative indicated that he could not discuss the estimate with the insured until it was approved by the client. 

Multiple xactimate estimates were apparently provided to insurer in early March 2019 by various vendors, and multiple versions by the alleged General Contractor.  All discussions, negotiations, authorizations, were negotiated directly between vendors and adjuster throughout February and March 2019.  Insured did not receive copies of much of anything until May 2019, weeks after authorization to dismiss the insurers vendors was obtained.

The adjuster dispatched another Preferred Vendor in March 2019, to do environmental testing of the house that had been inundated with water saturation of multiple rain, wind and snow storms for approximately 40 days.  The report included 3 air samples with no mold species found. The insurer identified, dispatched, negotiated and paid the environmental testing company.  The company would not provide a copy of the environmental report to the insured without adjuster authorization.

Marketing and advertising materials of dispatched vendors warn against using unscrupulous vendors in water damage matters and also advise that fast water remediation — within 24-48-72 hours is imperative to avoid catastrophic damages and microbial growth.  SO WHY DID THEY DELAY 40 DAYS TO REPLACE THE ROOF?  It certainly inflated charges to insurer, authorized by adjuster.

That March 2019 environmental report generated by the Adjuster and a Preferred Vendor was the basis upon which build back was authorized by State Farm. 

[Sidebar, the house was found to be contaminated by the incomplete demolition and failure to remediate by the initial vendors.

Same air testing company was called in August 2019 by insured to complete the testing that was poorly/fraudulently done in March 2019.  The insured paid approximately $2,000 for a full house inspection.  It was also of questionable validity, and found to be totally false in subsequent multiple inspections.  The microbial growth, by December, had caused extreme sickness to the insured. Thousands of dollars and subsequent testing and remediation were done at the expense of the insured,  seeking forensic evidence of source of microbial growth – clearly evidenced as the undemolished, unremediated walls and ceilings identified and known by vendors and adjusters in February/March 2019.  Adjuster indicated that just because walls were identified as water damaged did not mean they required demolition or remediation and that blowers were clearly sufficient and that subsequent mold contamination was not related to the roof blow off and 40 days of water saturation thru the unroofed property.

Even the replacement licensed General Contractor / Roofer was authorized by the insurer’s field adjuster in the first insurer’s visit to the loss site in mid-March 2019. Insured was led to believe that the authorization to dismiss the first vendors was contingent on field adjuster approval of replacement Contractor.  All estimates and inspections the adjuster used were done by the Sales Representative who falsely portrayed as a licensed General Contractor.

In a letter dated February 28, 2019, received by USPS mail in early March, it was falsely indicated that the insured had willingly joined the preferred vendor program, knowing it was optional.  (See earlier remarks on that.)

That letter was followed by additional false letters naming unknown parties as the ‘selected vendors’.  The preferred vendor coordinator held a mock-remediation finding the assigned General Contractor not guilty of any wrong doing, and only doing a pack-out. 

Said assigned alleged General Contractor visited the property multiple times each week of February 2019, and a reasonable person would assume that such visits, directions, and even denials of having the snow plowed to allow access to the house after a huge snow storm to ensure that the roof had not collapsed, would seem to be actions of a general contractor or sales representative.

The company owner said that there was no contract, and that his sales guy was just hanging out to hustle a project.

The owner falsely claimed that the sales rep would never demand cash from a client to circumvent fees and commissions. The adjuster told the insured that the local Roofer, called by the General Contractor and known by the insured COULD NOT BE CALLED BACK TO THE HOUSE BY INSURED BECAUSE OF INTEGRITY AND COMMISSION ISSUES.  The $5,000 estimate by the local roofer was inflated to $7,000 CASH to be paid by Insured, and XACTIMATE BID submitted in March 2019 to insured was for approximately $9,000.   [The outcome is another story/scenario all together]

In October 2019, insurer’s adjuster inspects the house again, after build back over incomplete poorly done demolition and remediation.  The walls identified in February 2019 by insurer and multiple vendors that were not demolished at that time were found to be extremely contaminated with toxic microbial growth. Insurer authorized invasive testing. Protocol written. 

Insurer insists that the failures of their dispatched vendors to properly and adequately demolish and remediate identified water saturated walls and sheathing were not proximate causes of the extreme microbial growth discovered in the report.  The adjuster indicates that ‘there were walls in November. We paid your claim.’ — THEY PAID TO COVER UP THEIR CRIMES, NOT TO RESTORE THE HOUSE TO PRE-LOSS CONDITION.   ASK ANY REASONABLE PERSON.


Hints: Who dispatched them, assigned them, negotiated with them, authorized work, and dismissed them? Who would speak with the insured about costs/authorizations/options/contracts?

Roof blows off home of B in Feb 2019. B calls A within 60 minutes of loss. B asks for information on the process and B discloses cognitive disabilities.

A tells B to call C, D, and E regarding an insurance claim. A tells B that policy requires use of C, D and E and/or other assignees for coverage. When asked, A tells B a handy man could be called for a temporary tarp and A reminds B to to save all receipts.

B makes calls immediately and leaves voice mail messages for C, D and E.  B calls A to advise Nobody answered the phone. B takes the information.  D returns calls hours later and advises they can visit property in 2 days.  Two days later F sends email assigning G as General Contractor for the claim. G arrives by noon. G calls H for estimate on roof replacement; H allegedly tells G cost will be $5,000. G tells B the cash demand for a fast roof is $7,000, leaving A and F out of the deal. B was suspicious and declined, advising G that A is handling the claim and cannot be cut out of the process. D arrives to estimate water damage. B asks G if D should be sent away, as they were one of the 3 parties called two days earlier. G advised B to ‘let them stay. We are very busy and we can work with them.’  D was allowed to stay, per G as General Manager, on behalf of A.  D asked to B sign an “authorization to commence work”. B advised that G is the General Contractor and A is handling the claim. D advised they knew the client is A, but that D needed authorization from B to commence work.  D refused to provide a copy of what was signed and said it would be mailed. In May 2019, D sent bill to A, or perhaps sooner. B did not receive any information on costs until May 2019.  Apparently D was authorized by A to spend up to $15,000 without further authorization. D abandoned the project allegedly Feb 19, and stopped coming to the property early Mar 2019. D allegedly advised A that job was complete.

On 2/4/2019, D installed a useless roof tarp, that slowed rainpour into the house. D told B not to worry about it, let the rain damage everything because A would pay for it all.  G blamed D for the delay in roof replacement and failures of tarp and delays in completion of demolition. Nobody could verify any actual remediation. D insisted fault was with G and that demolition and remediation could be not be complete until G had the roof replaced. A authorized D to replace tarp that D suggested was only functional for 1 or 2 storms. There were multiple wind, rain snow storms from date of loss for nearly 40 days.

Note:  Phoenix Adjuster/Insurer repeatedly throughout all of February 2019 and part of March 2019 insisted that the preferred vendor program, “State Farm Premier Services Program” was mandatory and “nobody likes it but we’re stuck with it.  Insured repeated requested throughout February 2019 to dismiss the assigned vendors because they were destroying her home and she was repeatedly denied that authorization until approximately March 8, 2019.   

Insurer statements in a series of letters dated February 27,  28, and March 8 2019 describing practices regarding the Preferred Vendor Program are quite incriminating of the Phoenix office. Insured received letters were received sometime in March by snail mail- that the program is by choice. 

Date of initial loss was February 2, 2019 — Catastrophic damages were caused by the insurer and the vendors they dispatched, authorized, negotiated with and dismissed.

Clearly, those three letters dated February 28, 2019 were attempts to cover up the criminal conduct of falsely advising the insured that she had no choice in vendors.

The late February letters appear to be back-dated because the vendor information was incorrect and at a glance they would give the appearance that the insured had been advised that she had a choice — AFTER THE AUTHORIZATION TO DISMISS THE OFFENDING VENDORS WAS GIVEN BY ADUSTER ON OR ABOUT MARCH 8, 2019 

[after a harsh & tearful conversation that resulted in extreme duress and slip and fall at the hotel, causing head trauma, broken wrist and overnight at the hospital… WATCHING HER HOME AND SAFE PLACE DESTROYED BY CRIMINAL ACTIONS WAS TOO MUCH FOR A DISABLED ELDERLY WOMAN.  THE CORPORATE CORRUPTION, DISCRIMINATION, THREATS AND ABUSES CONTINUE TO THIS DAY.]

Said letters include Contractor Connection, who dispatched Paul Davis Restoration.  Alacrity Services and ServiceMaster did not inspect the property at any time in 2019 or 2020. SURE LOOKS LIKE EVIDENCE OF FRAUD…..  but obtaining the complete CLAIM FILE from the carrier may take an act of Congress.  They sent the insured about 50 pages, mostly of documents she had provided, and none of the important documentation requested. They claimed all year it was “work product” that the insured is NOT  entitled to.  Under Oath, if they continue to deceptions and lies, there could be SEVERE consequences. BURDEN OF PROOF is met.


Who hired the Preferred Vendors?

A- State Farm.com,  B-Insured,  C-ServiceMaster, D-ServPro.com,  E-Alacrity, F-ContractorConnection.com, G-PaulDavisRestoration.com, H-LocalRoofer ….



Quick question — do you think the State Farm response below is appropriate to send to someone who has been disabled, with a brain injury, from a workplace injury since 2012 and rendered almost homeless because of apparent insurance corruption and racketeering?

#GoshDarnMeanieHeads — INSULTS TO INJURIES!



State Farm with teams of PreferredVendors, supported BLM destruction of American Cities in 2020,  while State Farm continues to quietly destroys homes and health in cities across America and incite an invisible #NationalMoldCrisis in America, destroying homes and lives – for profit and destruction.


#SettlementIsComing  #JusticeIsComing!

VIDEO CHANNEL – Leave likes and comments there, too, pretty please and thank you. 


InsuredProtectedLoved@gmail.com    —- 

Notice the threat that they won’t even speak to me on the phone.  They’ve never heard of ADA accommodations with the public?

They’ve recorded many calls, and even the one to the Office of Michael Tipsord was also recorded — and I was I could not have a copy unless approved by management.  Management reportedly denied providing me with a copy. Then, they changed the story to say it was not recorded by their third party complaint desk (contrary to what I was told before the call started)

You have again told us that you might record our telephone conversations. We continue to
object to any such recordings and believe that it is unlawful for you to record without our
consent. Because you write that you might record without any further notice, all of the future
communications between us must be in writing.

The story of mishandling of my claim has been told repeatedly to State Farm and to any and all who would listen. They can’t even keep the records straight if a claim is open or closed, or when the statute of limitations is up.  Obfuscation is their game, no question.

When I first communicated with the writer of the State Farm communication below months ago, he told me he had to speak to the adjuster staff to get familiar with the case.  Since I’ve told the story to them all multiple times, and since they switch adjusters and managers, I graciously sent him a copy of the transcript, so we could all stay on the same page.  He was most ungrateful.  I guess paper trails bother adjusters?   

I am an unmarried, disabled, female rural homeowner — and I fit the profile of one of the State Farm known target populations, according to some lawyers who have battled with State Farm over the years. 


State Farm Insurance Companies
P.O. Box 2320
Bloomington, IL 61702-2320
Providing Insurance and Financial Services Home Office, Bloomington, IL


December 23, 2020

Linda Ayres


RE: Insured: Linda Ayres
Policy Number: 77-CB-K447-6
Claim Number: 55-7536-D61
Company Name: State Farm General Insurance Company
NAIC: 25151
Date of Loss: 2/2/2019

Dear Linda Ayres:

This letter responds to your December 2, 2020, December 16, 2020, and December 18, 2020
emails about your claims, and follows-up on our December 16, 2020 letter to you.

Please refer to our October 21, 2020 and November 18, 2020 letters for our position regarding
your contentions of misconduct and mishandling of your claims. We disagree with all of your
repeated and new allegations of improper actions by us and maintain that we paid you all that is
owed contractually to you on both claims. In addition, we handled your claims in keeping with
our duty of good faith and fair dealing.

We did not damage your home. If you believe you need an “estimate for rebuild,” you should
proceed as you deem necessary. However, our determination remains that we paid you all of
the claim benefits under the policy’s applicable coverages, including enough to restore your
house to its pre-loss condition and the policy’s limit for mold-related costs (twice). While at this
time we do not plan to obtain an estimate, we would review and evaluate anything you submit
on your claims.

You write about a potential refinancing with FrontWave Credit Union and that “an appraisal
seems mandatory.” The need for a fair market value appraisal is an issue between your lender
and you and we would not be involved in that process. Please clarify if we are misinterpreting
your “appraisal” reference.

I (Claim Team Manager Roy Paynter) am the State Farm employee with direct management
authority over this claim and I have sufficient authority on your losses, in conjunction with
Section Manager Mike Piha. For that reason, State Farm declines to “elevate” the claims to
another manager.

As we have written to you multiple times, you (not State Farm or any person working for State
Farm such as Randy Brewer, Linda Holloway-Cox, and others) hired the remediation and repair
entities (e.g. ServPro, American Environmental, Paul Davis Restoration, and Michael Savage
Construction); authorized their work; and were responsible for any termination, dismissal, or
replacement of them. We did not coerce, mislead, or deceive you in any way on your claims.
We cannot resolve your numerous conflicts with your various vendors, which are subjects of
your draft complaint.

We do not know of any “State Farm litigation” with you, although you have warned us of a
potential lawsuit – your residency during a legal case is your choice, and we will not pay for it.
At this time, State Farm does not intend to pursue subrogation related to its payments on these
claims. If you believe third parties are liable for damage to your home, you may have legal
rights to seek payment from those third parties.

You have again told us that you might record our telephone conversations. We continue to
object to any such recordings and believe that it is unlawful for you to record without our
consent. Because you write that you might record without any further notice, all of the future
communications between us must be in writing.

In our November 18, 2020 letter, we stated our position on the one-year period in the policy’s
“Suit Against Us” condition. The one-year period continues to run.

We are required by California law to advise you that if you believe this claim, or any part of this
claim, has been wrongfully denied or rejected, you may have the matter reviewed by the
California Department of Insurance, Claims Service Bureau, 300 South Spring Street, Los
Angeles, California 90013, telephone 1-800-927-4357.

We reserve all of our rights under the policy and law and waive none of them.

Roy Paynter
Claim Team Manager
State Farm General Insurance Company



We have an invisible #NationalMoldCrisis in America — and companies like State Farm and their PreferredVendors are responsible, and profiting by destroying homes, cities and lives by their corrupt practices.

Because State Farm and it’s vendors openly supported BLM during the riots in the USA in 2020, and because their Chairman, Michael Tipsord, is apparently still a Trustee at the Brookings Institution, despite multiple RICO complaints across the lands in recent years,

Their affiliations with and connections to CCP are highly suspect.  Why would people in China be reading my little blogs? Um hmmm.



  1. LinkedIn Updates:

    1. Yeah… sure. They couldn’t figure out if I was in California or Arizona 😭

      The put me in a hotel room (not a house!! ) that I had to switch rooms 4 times in the first few weeks. $3,000 month for Feb-Jun 2019 🤕🤨😳

      The adjuster told me I didn’t have to worry about #homelessness for at least two years. #Cheaters! https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6750243676494159874/

    2. WHY DOES State Farm ® HATE AMERICANS?  For years, a favorite target of #discrimination & abuse by State Farm ® State Farm Agent has been, according to some California #lawyers & #policyHolders#Elderly #Disabled #Unmarried #Female #Rural Homeowners.

      There are many such cases across America  It’s not – or has not been – a #race issue.

      I know, cuz “I ain’t black” & the abuses & life threatening destruction I have been experiencing since February 2019 are horrific https://www.linkedin.com/posts/lindaayres311_black-homeowners-struggle-to-get-insurers-activity-6750056373838594048-CTp2

    3. Black Homeowners Struggle to Get Insurers to Pay Claims covers banking and Wall Street. Before joining The Times in 2017, she spent eight years at Reuters, writing about politics, financial crimes and the environment. @FlitterOnFraud

    4. State Farm ® sent Paul Davis USA to my home on 2/4/2019 as the designated #GeneralContractor & #AdjusterRepresentative when my #flatroof blew off.
      They failed & refused to replace the roof for over
      #40days of extreme #waterIntrusion throughout my #rooflesshome. Water poured in for days thru ceilings, light fixtures & doorways.
      StateFarm then dispatched @AmericanEnvironmentalGroup who merely air tested 3 rooms & wrote a false mold clearance report in #march 2019. They were called back in Aug 2019 to do a complete property inspection & provided another dubious report apparently aimed to protect #StateFarm #PaulDavis & SERVPRO of Palm Springs  https://www.linkedin.com/posts/lindaayres311_only-an-expert-knows-to-look-here-for-hidden-activity-6659008363596263424-B6Ga

    5. CAHOOTS!   https://www.linkedin.com/posts/lindaayres311_comey-statefarm-california-activity-6725857060656947200-AK7c

    6. Mission Viejo couple sues State Farm over damaged home, breach of contract  https://abc7.com/news/mission-viejo-couple-sues-state-farm-2-other-companies/1026043/

    7. #InsuranceWars #InsuranceFraud #Schemes & #Scams – YO! #JakeFromStateFarm — TAKE THIS TO YOUR #ARIZONA #ClaimsOffice & to your #PreferredVendorProgram coordinators and participants. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/lindaayres311_insurance-fraud-is-a-felony-activity-6726074204657201152-S-AB

    8. Is it a #felony for #adjusters to lie to the Department of #Insurance when investigating on behalf of their own insurance company employer? https://www.linkedin.com/posts/lindaayres311_felony-adjusters-insurance-activity-6725945551327756288-IklV

  2.   Facebook updates:  GOT CONTRACTOR COMPLAINTS  YEP! 
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    “Do you think your insurance policy has your property protected from life’s many mishaps? That those premiums you pay every month guarantee you the help you need when you need it? That your insurance company is a benevolent entity that strives to pay claims fairly and promptly? Think again.

    Your insurer’s main objective is not to protect you; in fact, insurers often try to avoid paying justified claims. Today the name of the game is delay, deny, defend: to improve their profits, insurance companies delay payment of justified claims, deny payment altogether, and defend their actions by forcing claimants to enter litigation.”

  4. PAY UP by Chip Merlin More than spreading the word about his firm’s mission, in Pay Up! Preventing a Disaster with Your Own Insurance Company, Chip Merlin endeavors to heal an industry by pulling back the veil, providing clarity to policyholders while demanding accountability from insurance companies like only he and his firm are qualified and specialized to do.

3. UPhelp.org    FIND HELP DIRECTORY https://www.uphelp.org/help-directory

4. apassociation.org

Mission & Objectives



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