EMAIL FOR MICHAEL TIPSORD, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of State Farm – PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL

Good Day Michael Tipsord,


By now, someone on your staff or from NAIC has alerted you to the allegations of extreme elder abuse, discrimination, kickback scams & much much more egregious harm to an elderly disabled female rural homeowner.

While your Phoenix and Atlanta claims offices, adjusters & managers, have been kept apprised of the willful criminal negligence since early February 2019, their non actions and actions seem to support the criminal kickbackscams [cahoots, as referred to in Comey vs State Farm, ServPro & ServiceMaster]

Randy Brewer was repeatedly asked to elevate the horrors to your subrogation unit.

Joey Camisso was asked to elevate it to your legal department.

Both adjusters, and their managers refused, in apparent support of the crimes in progress.  I have received multiple letters stating that their positions remain the same. [Cahoots]

One of the managers suggested there is no point for me to complain to DOI because State Farm ‘owns’ the DOI.  I did indicate that most Commissioners would likely find that allegation quite offensive, wouldn’t you agree?

As you may know, the most aggressive criminal actions have been by Paul Davis Restoration, including the 40 days of microbial growth prior to roof replacement, destruction of most of my household goods, fraudulent deceptions and coercion to waive 3 day right to revision on bogus packout, false allegations that they were never assigned by ContractorConnection as General Contractor and “Adjuster Representative”, filing of an invalid mechanics lien, attempt to coerce participation in insurance fraud with a signed (by PDR) revised scope of work for approximately $3,000 and full indemnity from any losses they caused – ON CONDITION THAT SAID FRAUDULENT PROPOSED AGREEMENT BE KEPT SECRET FROM ADJUSTER OFFICE.  RANDY BREWER WAS IMMEDIATELY COPUED AND APPRISED.  Latest intimidation and financial elder abuse from PDR is a lawsuit for $5,000 – in arrogant response to the Contractor State Licensing Board suggestion that they reach out to me to explore solutions.  I perceive the lawsuit As an aggressive threat also to my life. They had also demanded $7,000 cash for a fast roof in Feb 2019 (perceived as extortion) and another demand for $500 cash for Mobile Mini pod. Bear in mind, they did not dry or clean whatever they’ll broke ir packed out into used Home Depot/Lowe’s/blank boxes— in all likelihood of willfully cross contaminating everything I owned. State Farm paid for partial losses. PDR never sent me a written inventory Of contents— just a hodge podge of pictures.

I am filing a restraining order, getting more home security and setting up a GoFundMe campaign for protection, a roof, walls, insulation, flooring & furnishings.  I am hopeful that friends and connections around the world will help me fight State Farm corruption and reclaim my home & health without further delays

I am disabled, as you all know. I have been disabled since 2012.  The doctors told me to prepare for assisted living in the foreseeable future. MY HOME WAS MY SAFE PLACE AND YOU STOLE MY VERY LIFE AWAY FROM ME.

 My home was my safe place till I encountered the criminal conduct of State Farm &  it’s PreferredVendors.

In the course of fighting for my life and home, I also sustained a head injury, broken wrist and hospital stay.

As I stated to… I think the California Attorney General Xavier Becerra & CSLB (and by copy of this letter, DOI Commissioner Ricardo Lara), this is becoming increasingly complex, and that a possible solution might be for State Farm to #PAYUp – restore my home to preloss condition including further remediation or total demolition and build back with mold resistant environmentally safe materials

My home is down to studs and Is still contaminated With toxic microbial growth.

Replace the ROOF AND ALL SHEATHING Including COMPLETE REMEDIATION Before replacement, reimburse all my environmental tests expenses and remediation costs, provide retro loss of use Since June 2019  reimbursement and out of pocket expenses, provide another 6+ months— AND OTHER PUNITIVE DAMAGES AND LEGAL COSTS.

Then, you can have your subrogation unit collect from the complicit vendors.

Simple and Easy and can reduce investigative workload on already stretched authorities.

Round up and advance to me a minimum of $100,000 each on behalf of Contractor Connection, Paul Davis Restoration, ServPro, American Environmental Group & StateFarm California Arizona Georgia Illinois [$100,000 x 8]

Round up and advance to me a minimum  of $50,000 For [each of the]  vendors who tried and failed to clean up the original mess— Savage Construction, Rapid Dry, GEEPS, Mold Science, Mobile Mini, Misc environmental testing/remediation companies

Reimburse all medical related to mold and head injury (ContractorConnection & StateFarm & vendors directly were respectfully requested to provide insurance certificates and failed & refused to do so)

Provide sufficient funds for legal fees and structured settlement consultations so we can wrap this up and let the Court of Public Opinion know that the parties reached resolution.

Below is the updated social media outreach.

I must conclude by telling you that the StateFarm ad stating that ‘all lives CAN’T matter until black lives matter’ appears to be an act of insurrection and call to civil war by your company & your vendors. IT SCREAMS ‘State Farm policy is NO LIVES MATTER



I may not be able to do much, but you can be assured that I will continue to do all I can.

Linda Ayres

PS YOUR EXECUTIVE COMPLAINT DEPARTMENT ADVISED ME THAT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS last year; either they were lying (again) or you are already fully apprised of the egregious harm done to me by your adjusters, management and PreferredVendor teams. Let’s fix this now. Let’s #DoItForAmerica.

PreferredVendor Leadership teams do not respond either.  Might be time for some Dale Carnegie Training….or review THINK AND GROW RICH?  There are no secrets on the internet. 

💥 💥 💥

#NoLivesMatter to State Farm ®
& their #PreferredVendors— 🤨

….least of all are #Disabled #elderly #Republican #Women 😳

#ElderAbuse #Discrimination #BioTerrorism #Intimidation willful criminal negligence with intent to cover up crimes and intent to poison policy holder to death #Extortion etc 🦅

Let’s fix that! Let’s #DoItForAmerica 📣

All I needed was a #roof replacement. They delayed replacement for over 40 days of rain and snow to make a $10,000 claim escalate to over $100,000 and still climbing. PreferredVendors dismissed when crimes exposed.


What I got was a horror story, destroyed home & illness & injury and lessons in #racketeering—and #elderabuse —- #disability #discrimination #extortion #temporary #restraining orders #TRO #toxicMold #remediation & rampant #insurancecrimes #kickbackscams, & general #lawlessness in #California in collusion with #StateFarm adjusters managers and preferred vendors in #Arizona #Georgia #Florida & #Illinois

Busy week ahead. There are no atheists in a foxhole!


BACK LATER, but if I am not, just read & share these posts again.

Thanks! 💕 💕 💕 💕

#Onward  📣



All Nuclear Reactors Leak All Of The Time, some more than others — On Purpose.

1,946 known radioactive isotopes


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💥 💥 💥


All Nuclear Reactors Leak All Of The Time, some more than others — On Purpose.

1,946 known radioactive isotopes


3 Attachments


9 thoughts on “EMAIL FOR MICHAEL TIPSORD, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of State Farm – PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL

  1. this guy is not taking any ownership of any issue with his company.
    it is sad to say i am also taking a loss due to their irresponsibility.


  2. Hello Ms. Ayers:
    I am sorry for the suffering that State Farm has caused you. I have been abused by them as well. Did you ever get a contact phone number for Michael Tipsord


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Eva. The email they told me was directly to his office apparently was just another joke. So, no, I did not find a phone number for him, so I blog and I presume someone in his environment reads my posts. I recently discovered that Michael Tipsord attended the WEF – World Economic Forum – Davos event in 2016. I can’t help but wonder if that is a factor in why they are destroying, apparently intentionally, so many properties and lives.

      If you claim is within the Statute of Limitations in your state, I would suggest that you reach out to a Public Adjuster. National Association of Public Adjusters – They can often help policyholders when lawyers and advocacy groups will not. Next best option is to learn about the Rule of Law and HOW TO MOVE THE COURTS — in other words, represent yourself.

      It’s a brutal crowd, and too many of them act like the are above the law. The threats I have endured, and the abuse and discrimination are very unAmerican, and very third-worldly.

      State Farm’s abuse of children says it all… Did you see the video by ConsumersResearch?

      Wishing you justice and peace and safety.

      I just posted a new video… you might find some inspiration in it:


      not to be confused with



      Linda Ayres vs State Farm et al

      #InsurerWars – LITIGATION WINS –



  3. Greetings Ms. Ayres,
    So sorry to hear of your horrible experience with State Farm. Have you tried contacting corporate at (309) 766-2311.
    Praying for you and yours.


    1. Thank you, kindly Queen…

      Yes- I am elderly disabled and live in rural California. They have been brutal and deceptive since February 2019- they destroyed my home and poisoned me – the built back over unremediated water damaged material – water damage of about 40 days.

      Their executive complaint line allegedly reports to Michael Tipsord’s office. I think that was a lie too. They were useless and later denied I called and refused to send me transcript.

      There is no way they did not know the unremediated water damage would make me very Ill within months. It did.

      65% of the roof was gone and left gone they multiple storms in February and March 2019

      In collusion with their assigned PreferredVendors, they willfully and knowingly destroyed my home and caused mold contamination throughout.

      I understand that what they did to me- it’s not uncommon. I have been a State Farm
      Policyholder over 50 years. My agent couldn’t be bothered to help me- he told me lawyer up and sue for $10 million dollars. The adjusters and managers told me to file a lawsuit.

      They did not deny my claim – they committed crimes to cover up their interrupted insurer scam apparently run by out of state adjusters.

      Thank you for your prayers and concern. We must pray for all State Farm policy holders— and that there is special place in hell gor State Farm Board of Directors, executive, adjuster, staff & agents, lawyers & litigation support

      Do you know they have also targeted America’s children?

      Thanks again for your prayers and concern. It’s been over 4 years or torture and hell and threats.

      “Vengeance is Mine” saith the Lord . They will be held accountable here and or hereafter.


      May God protect the children from these monsters, and old disabled people. May the others become aware and fight back against the corruption and destruction




    2. Hello! I’m actually ChatGPT, a language model, and not Ms. Ayres, but I appreciate your concern and empathy towards her situation with State Farm. It’s always important to show kindness and support to others, especially during difficult times. Hopefully, Ms. Ayres has found a resolution to her situation, but if she hasn’t, your suggestion of contacting State Farm’s corporate office could be a good next step for her to take. Thank you for your kindness and compassion towards others.


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