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Follow up to Leadership Teams of Contractor Connection, State Farm, and Paul Davis Corporate, ServPro Corporate –


Dear All,
Ooops, there were 2 other videos on a different channel that I thought you might appreciate to help you understand
what has transpired since February 2, 2019 and why my home needs immediate and complete restoration to pre-loss condition now.
Pick your battles, America! Corporate Corruption impacts us all!
Seeing it visually may help you or your staff grasp the magnitude of these issues, and why it’s best that my be restored to preloss condition without further delay.
Here’s the link.  Learn lots.
I will be putting more of the recent emails into video format in native and direct publishing to various platforms.  Let’s get this moving to solution so we can advise the various agencies they may not need to spend as much energy as originally expected.  I will watch this weekend for response from your Leadership Teams regarding the demands and efforts toward immediate resolution.
Have a nice weekend.
Linda Ayres

Each issue listed below needs to be addressed ASAP and each on it’s own merit, Paul Davis promises that homeowners need to tell their story only once and here I am telling it yet again.  ServPro promises that my home would look like the damage never even happened but it looks like it happened 10 times over and over again after they were in my home.  Contractor Connection and State Farm sent both and I demand action;  my home is completely gutted and I am living in my kitchen

  1. Get an experienced issue resolution representative assigned to my file STAT, Kim does not return calls, does not return emails, and is useless.  She has ignored me at every juncture and has treated me terribly refusing to listen to all that transpired  and give me the information I have requested time and time again
  1. Have the issue resolution department manager oversee this process since Kim clearly has had no oversight for the past year


  1. Provide me with the name and contact number of the new issue resolution specialist and her manager


  1. Get an experienced issues resolution representative from Paul Davis Corporate assigned STAT and tell that person that they need to work as a team with me and Contractor Connection


  1. Provide me with Paul Davis Corporate office issue resolution specialists name contact info and manager name who will be overseeing their performance on behalf of Paul Davis Corporate


  1. Immediately provide me with Paul Davis’s and ServPro’s certificate of liability insurance that Contractor Connection keeps on file in the event that there is an issue  so that I may file a liability claim against Paul Davis and ServPro’s  liability insurance company to handle only the health issues that I have as a result of Contractor Connection’s incompetence in resolving this issue, I expect Contractor Connection and Paul Davis Corporate and ServPro corporate to resolve the structural issues with my home caused by Paul Davis ServPro and Contractor Connection, and I expect the liability companies to only resolve the cost of the health care that I have had to pay for due to their negligence


  1. ServPro who was assigned for the roof tarp, demolition and remediation, immediately assign one of ServPro’s corporate issue resolution specialists, provide their name and contact information and their manager name and contact information  

Here’s the channel link again:

Got Mold?? Who did it?!! SEVEN ACTION STEPS TO SETTLEMENT! Let’s Fix This Now!

On Fri, Aug 7, 2020 at 7:28 AM Linda Ayres wrote:
Follow up to Leadership Teams of Contractor Connection, State Farm, and Paul Davis Corporate, ServPro Corporate 
It was disappointing that none but State Farm Claims Department in Atlanta, Georgia bothered to respond to my email on Tuesday, August 4, 2020.  The pattern and practice of ignoring complaints that have caused me egregious harm, and continue to do so, is what it is.
As most of you know, formal complaints have already been submitted and received by the Attorney General’s office of Consumer Affairs and the California Contractor State License Board regarding these matters.  It is hopeful that you will be hearing from those authorities in the foreseeable future.  
I am certainly available to assist State Farm with any additional evidence required for any subrogation pursuits, if asked, and I intend to fully cooperate with the authorities, should these matters be elevated to the local District Attorneys.  This fight, you see, is not just personal.  It is a matter of national interest and security, imho.  I understand that my experience is all too common.
In order to help you better understand what has taken place, attached are links to three videos. 
They have also been shared ‘natively’ on Facebook.  
Statistics indicate that today, people take in information better by video. 
I hope it better helps you individually and collectively better  understand the seriousness of these matters.
The video channel can be viewed at and you are welcome to subscribe or visit.
It is intended to be a brief ‘street version’ of how the claim was handled, and the results of said handling, by all parties.  It is 2:52 minutes.
This video is approximately 11 minutes, and shows the substantial microbial growth found and removed, per the authorized and approved November 2019 hygeniest report and protocol.  Had the water saturated drywalls, insulation and sheathing been completely removed and remediated in February 2019, as identified by all parties in February 2019 as requiring remediation and demolition, we would not be having this exchange.  An exposure scientist could easily answer your questions about the impact of months and months of exposure to toxic microbial growth, ‘the dangerous kind’.  While some of the State Farm adjuster team members and management suggest that a few air blowers were sufficient to remediate undemolished, unremediated dry wall and insulation, surely your water damage experts know that is simply and dangerously silly and untrue.  The first images are from 2019, then the 2020 images are sorted first by room, then followed by a collection of miscellaneous images.
This video is less than one minute, and it shows the blown off roof, the weather conditions, the electrical hazards, evidence of the poorly installed tarp that did not mitigate water intrusion from day one, the loss of roof, the $8K pack-out and my abulance ride that resulted in head injury, broken wrist and hospital stay in March 2019, after begging on a lengthy phone call, for the last time, the first assigned adjuster for “permission” to dismiss the “PreferredVendors” and find and hire “legitimate contractors.”  That permission was finally granted, although I was further lead to believe that the next general contractor was to be approved by the State Farm field adjuster, which it was in mid-March.
The State Farm claims office has full documentation, including environmental reports, images pre and post remediation from Feb 2019 in contrast to the extreme microbial growth discovered in the walls that were identified as water saturated and damaged in February 2019, but only remediated in Feb/Mar 2020 by another remediation with extensive experience working for State Farm policy holders; medical images, and consistent complaints of other improprieties caused by and perpetuated by the PreferredVendors.   
Complaints to the Department of Insurance Commissioner will include the complaints to AG and CSLB and are being transmitted shortly, with additional evidence so that we might reach a speedy conclusion and settlement to the egregious harm that I have been subject to. Please note the 7 action items and demands in the August 4, 2019 email.  
Linda Ayres
NOTICE: Please also note that due to disabilities, any/all calls regarding these matters may be recorded without further notice. If that is not acceptable, kindly propose alternative accommodations. 

4 responses to “7 Action Items and Demands toward Settlement — LET’S FIX THIS NOW! State Farm, ServPro Corporate, Paul Davis Restoration Corporate, Contractor Connection et al”

  1. EMAIL FOR MICHAEL TIPSORD, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of State Farm – PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL – Got Contractor Complaints Avatar

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  2. Displaced Avatar

    Are these people putting you on stall, hoping to wait out some statute of limitations? Your complaints are as obvious as mine and I have been stalled for almost four years.

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  3. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar


    “Plaintiffs’ complaint alleges seven subsidiary association-in-fact racketeering enterprises exist within at least three companies owned by State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company including State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, State Farm Lloyds, and State Farm Lloyds, Inc. The complaint shows multiple association-in-fact racketeering enterprises controlled by the Individual Defendants engaged in extortion, robbery and fraud in the claims processes conducted by the association-in-fact racketeering enterprises embedded in State Farm Fire and Casualty Company and State Farm Lloyds. The complaint shockingly alleges and supports the Defendants’ usage of monies derived from illegal activities to establish, operate and manage racketeering enterprises purposefully to protect the State Farm Group’s fraudulent sales schemes…”

    Learn more about #ThoseRacketeers! #InsurerWars
    also google: STATE FARM RICO

    #GodBlessAmerica and #DeliverUsFromTheUnACCOUNTABLE



  4. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    Remember remember.. #WeAreTheMediaNow … Carry on…


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