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Follow up to Leadership Teams of Contractor Connection, State Farm, and Paul Davis Corporate, ServPro Corporate 

It was disappointing that none but State Farm Claims Department in Atlanta, Georgia bothered to respond to my email on Tuesday, August 4, 2020.  The pattern and practice of ignoring complaints that have caused me egregious harm, and continue to do so, is what it is.

As most of you know, formal complaints have already been submitted and received by the Attorney General’s office of Consumer Affairs and the California Contractor State License Board regarding these matters.  It is hopeful that you will be hearing from those authorities in the foreseeable future.  

I am certainly available to assist State Farm with any additional evidence required for any subrogation pursuits, if asked, and I intend to fully cooperate with the authorities, should these matters be elevated to the local District Attorneys.  This fight, you see, is not just personal.  It is a matter of national interest and security, imho.  I understand that my experience is all too common.

In order to help you better understand what has taken place, attached are links to three videos. 

They have also been shared ‘natively’ on Facebook.  

Statistics indicate that today, people take in information better by video. 

I hope it better helps you individually and collectively better  understand the seriousness of these matters.

The video channel can be viewed at and you are welcome to subscribe or visit.

Video 1 – They say WE HANDLED THE CLAIM CORRECTLY…. draw your own conclusions…

It is intended to be a brief ‘street version’ of how the claim was handled, and the results of said handling, by all parties.  It is 2:52 minutes.

Video 2 – Welcome to My Home! See What State Farm and its Preferred Vendors did when my roof blew off

This video is approximately 11 minutes, and shows the substantial microbial growth found and removed, per the authorized and approved November 2019 hygeniest report and protocol.  Had the water saturated drywalls, insulation and sheathing been completely removed and remediated in February 2019, as identified by all parties in February 2019 as requiring remediation and demolition, we would not be having this exchange.  An exposure scientist could easily answer your questions about the impact of months and months of exposure to toxic microbial growth, ‘the dangerous kind’.  While some of the State Farm adjuster team members and management suggest that a few air blowers were sufficient to remediate undemolished, unremediated dry wall and insulation, surely your water damage experts know that is simply and dangerously silly and untrue.  The first images are from 2019, then the 2020 images are sorted first by room, then followed by a collection of miscellaneous images.


This video is less than one minute, and it shows the blown off roof, the weather conditions, the electrical hazards, evidence of the poorly installed tarp that did not mitigate water intrusion from day one, the loss of roof, the $8K pack-out and my abulance ride that resulted in head injury, broken wrist and hospital stay in March 2019, after begging on a lengthy phone call, for the last time, the first assigned adjuster for “permission” to dismiss the “PreferredVendors” and find and hire “legitimate contractors.”  That permission was finally granted, although I was further lead to believe that the next general contractor was to be approved by the State Farm field adjuster, which it was in mid-March.

The State Farm claims office has full documentation, including environmental reports, images pre and post remediation from Feb 2019 in contrast to the extreme microbial growth discovered in the walls that were identified as water saturated and damaged in February 2019, but only remediated in Feb/Mar 2020 by another remediation with extensive experience working for State Farm policy holders; medical images, and consistent complaints of other improprieties caused by and perpetuated by the PreferredVendors.   

Complaints to the Department of Insurance Commissioner will include the complaints to AG and CSLB and are being transmitted shortly, with additional evidence so that we might reach a speedy conclusion and settlement to the egregious harm that I have been subject to. Please note the 7 action items and demands in the August 4, 2019 email.  


Linda Ayres

NOTICE: Please also note that due to disabilities, any/all calls regarding these matters may be recorded without further notice. 

If that is not acceptable, kindly propose alternative accommodations. 

February 2020 — months of various 

species of toxic microbial growth

throughout my home– as if remediation

never EVER happened before Feb/Mar 2020.

It is not complete yet, per subsequent

tests.  #LetsFixThat

———- Forwarded message ———
From: Linda Ayres
Date: Tue, Aug 4, 2020 at 11:24 AM
Subject: 55-7536-D61
To: HOME CLMS-FIRECLAIMS & Contractor Connection, State Farm, and Paul Davis Corporate, ServPro Corporate


I am writing to you today because to date after a year and a half of no resolution to the damage and now the health concerns that your network contractors caused to my home and my health, I am in hopes that you will resolve the issues listed below post haste!


As I understand it, Contractor Connection partnered with my carrier State Farm and adjusted my claim telling me that I would be guaranteed a hire level of service if I agreed to use one of Contractor Connections network contractors to work on my home.


I was deceived to believe that I was required, by my policy, to use the State Farm preferred vendors.   I agreed to use  Contractor Connection’s assigned general contractor Paul Davis Restoration and ServPro. I was told that the work was guaranteed and that if I had any issue at all I could work with Contractor Connection to resolve it. State Farm later alleged that they sent a letter on or about February 28, 2019, by mail, advising that use of the Preferred Vendors was optional. Date of loss was February 2, 2019.


I have been trying to no avail to work with Kimberly Markey in the Contractor Connections issue resolution department for over a year.  She repeatedly dismisses my issues without ever understanding the entire very complicated situation and I demand not only a new resolution specialist but one who can comprehend all of the issues at hand.  I also demand that Paul Davis Corporate, in conjunction with Contractor Connection Issue Resolution,  to get these issues resolved ASAP.


I am giving all of you no more than 48 business hours to contact me to go over all of the items listed below and return correspondence in writing that you acknowledge the below issues and intend to work with me to resolve them or I will take my efforts one step further and bring my story to my local Fox Action News Station so that everyone can be made aware of the questionable relationship between State Farm, Contractor Connection, Contractor Connections network of contractors Paul Davis Restoration and the well known ethical scrutiny that TPA’s face in multiple lawsuits because they not only get paid by State Farm to adjust my claim with the incentive to lower the total claim payout, but they also get a kick back from the network Contractors that they send to policyholders homes to work in their homes at a far lesser rate than  competent contractors who would never align themselves with TPA’s would do the work for…


Both my blog and the Facebook page dedicated to this issue that I created because of the issues is gaining momentum in the social media world and I am dedicate to warning others of this deceitful scheme and  Contractor Connection is on notice that unless they follow through with their original promise to me that if an issue occurred as a result of their network contractor, Contractor Connections issue resolution department would get it resolved quickly and again this promise was made to me over a year ago now, I will continue to report to my followers everything that you all did to me with your shady unethical fraud against state and federal insurance law and my local Fox News channel will also do the same.


Each issue listed below needs to be addressed ASAP and each on it’s own merit, Paul Davis promises that homeowners need to tell their story only once and here I am telling it yet again.  ServPro promises that my home would look like the damage never even happened but it looks like it happened 10 times over and over again after they were in my home.  Contractor Connection and State Farm sent both and I demand action;  my home is completely gutted and I am living in my kitchen


(1) Get an experienced issue resolution representative assigned to my file STAT, Kim does not return calls, does not return emails, and is useless.  She has ignored me at every juncture and has treated me terribly refusing to listen to all that transpired  and give me the information I have requested time and time again


(2) Have the issue resolution department manager oversee this process since Kim clearly has had no oversight for the past year


(3) Provide me with the name and contact number of the new issue resolution specialist and her manager


(4) Get an experience issues resolution representative from Paul Davis Corporate assigned STAT and tell that person that they need to work as a team with me and Contractor Connection


(5) Provide me with Paul Davis Corporate office issue resolution specialists name contact info and manager name who will be overseeing their performance on behalf of Paul Davis Corporate


(6) Immediately provide me with Paul Davis’s and ServPro’s certificate of liability insurance that Contractor Connection keeps on file in the event that there is an issue  so that I may file a liability claim against Paul Davis and ServPro’s  liability insurance company to handle only the health issues that I have as a result of Contractor Connection’s incompetence in resolving this issue, I expect Contractor Connection and Paul Davis Corporate and ServPro corporate to resolve the structural issues with my home caused by Paul Davis ServPro and Contractor Connection, and I expect the liability companies to only resolve the cost of the health care that I have had to pay for due to their negligence


(7) ServPro who was assigned for the roof tarp, demolition and remediation, immediately assign one of ServPro’s corporate issue resolution specialists, provide their name and contact information and their manager name and contact information  


Background in the event that some of you are hearing about this for the first time


  1. (1) DOL: 2/2/2019


  1. (2) COL: Roof Leak from roof damage caused by a windstorm and rain.


  1. (3) ServPro and Paul Davis were sent by State Farm Preferred Vendor Program and Contractor Connection Preferred vendor program to assist me in the tarp up of my roof, roof replacement, interior water damage dryout services and content pack out and storage services and the repair.


  1. (4) After my roof was initially tarped there was a huge delay because of Contractor Connection, ServPro and Paul Davis and my roof continued to leak for over 40 days causing additional water damage to the interior of my home and contents and mold. Demolition was only partial of the identified water damaged areas, and no remediation was evidenced.


  1. (5) When PDR first came to my home they said that they would repair my roof for $7000.00 cash if I wanted it fixed quickly but would not do it through the Contractor Connection program.


  1. (6) Because I was waiting for the roof repair to be adjusted by State Farm I could not pay them $7000.00 cash and waited in agony for Contractor Connection to finish adjusting my claim for State Farm – which again took over 40 days


  1. (7) PDR was only sent an assignment as general contractor, not for the content portion of my initial claim. My garage was empty,there was no discussion of cost or options, no contract was presented until days after the packout, demanding a waiver of the 3 day right to cancel.  Everything was packed up after approximately one week of further water intrusion, All of my content had water damage and/or mold growing on it and PDR did not clean any of my content before moving it into the 40’ pod, causing additional mold damage. While delays continued in getting the roof retarped and replaced, PDR apparently saw some easy money and said they had been authorized by State Farm to pack-out the household contents. PDR demanded that I pay $500 and take over the lease of the Mobile Mini pod in June 2019.


  1. (8) Even though Contractor Connection and PDR say that PDR was assigned as General Contractor, and visited the property multiple times weekly in February 2019,  PDR said that they could fix my roof right away if I paid them cash, so they were trying to get work and get me to buy a new roof with them instead of waiting for the claim process between State Farm and Contractor Connection to be completed and I am sure that they didn’t want to pay that exorbitant fee to Contractor Connection for the roof repair as I have now learned is the unethical scheme between Contractor Connection, State Farm and PDR, Contractor Connection gets paid by both State Farm and the network contractor PDR for each claim they get uneducated and gullible homeowners to sign up for and in return State Farm gets a lower claim payout and PDR gets work all at the cost of the homeowner.


  1. (9) Even though PDR says that they only did the content pack-out [poorly!]  through Contractor Connection they are still a network contractor and have lied to both Contractor Connection, State Farm and me and now Kim is lying too saying that PDR only did the content which again is a lie because PDR represented themselves as prefered vendors, general contractor and State Farm adjuster representative, even for the roof repair, demolition and remediation. They assured me they “could work with ServPro” and that PDR was very busy, so as General Contractor, they authorized ServPro to remain and do the dry out and demo.  I just had to agree to pay them cash meaning that the roof part  would not be an assignment from Contractor Connection but not to worry they said we are still a preferred vendor. PDR repeatedly blamed ServPro and Contractor Connection and State Farm for the delay in roof replacement, and advised they could not replace the roof until the demolition and remediation was completed. ServPro said the demolition and remediation could not be completed until the roof was replaced.


  1. (10) State Farm sent a hygienist to run tests for mold after the 40 day delay caused by Contractor Connection.  The hygenist allegedly found no mold spores and was fully apprised of the 40 days of unabated water intrusion throughout the entire house. My house was repaired and I moved back in only to immediately have mold issues discovered upon a general house inspection. That same PreferredVendor was contacted directly in August 2019 to perform a full house test, and said results have been disputed by every hygienist and testing company since. It seems that the clearance was based on efforts to cover up the  negligence of the other PreferredVendors


  1. (11) I contacted all parties involved and I had additional hygienists out who located the mold in water damaged walls that PDR, ServPro and StateFarm identified as water damaged, but said walls were not part of the demolition nor remediation.   They found that ServPro did not completely demolish/remediate known saturated areas of drywall and sheathing. The is no evidence of chemical remediation by ServPro.  Paul Davis did not clean my content, they used recycled and relabeled used project mold boxes and did not thoroughly clean my soft goods if they even sent them to a dry cleaner at all which I doubt they did because they do not tell the truth. All boxes cross contaminated my home and garage, where they were later placed after more threats about the pod by PDR, and demands for cash.


  1. (12) When I contacted PDR they suggested re-writing the scope of work and reducing the dollar amount from approximately $8,000 to approximately $3,500 with full release and indemnification, and to keep the agreement “between us.”  I advised that the State Farm adjuster would have to approve any such revisions and PDR disagreed. They suggested I get lost because they only did the content and it was Contractor Connection and ServPro that delayed the repair of the roof allowing water intrusion for an additional 40 days in my home that must have caused it.  PDR placed an invalid lien on my property, which must be removed immediately.


  1. (13) ServPro left their lockbox and allegedly abandoned or “completed” the project on or about February 19, 2019, according to the State Farm adjuster teams. Their crews continued to show up at the property through early March 2019.  ServPro threatened to place a lien on my property after an invoice was submitted in May 2019 directly to and through State Farm, weeks after they abandoned the incomplete water damage project.


  1. (14) My home’s first repair due to the original roof loss and substantial water intrusion damage was done by a second contractor, based on clearance provided by State Farm and it’s preferred vendors.  When it was done, the repair was made over existing mold and that area was never abated properly while other areas did appear to be abated properly they never got all the mold from the original mold phase and only 3 mold clearance tests were done not the entire house and not all of the affected areas were tested and abated and cleared.  In November 2019, State Farm authorized another hygienist to inspect and evaluate the home and that report verified that the areas the PreferredVendors identified in February/March as water damaged were indeed water damaged and unremediated as they should have been in February 2019.  Substantial delay in removing water saturated drywall and sheathing exposed me to months and months of toxic microbial growth, and further contaminated my entire home.


  1. (15) I then have my home abated for mold a second time, based on the tests from the new hygienist tearing out all of the repair work just completed and the rest of the rooms in my home except the kitchen which I live in to this very day thanks to Kim Markey and her incompetence to understand the very vast number of issues that I have with all parties involved



Linda Ayres

Linda Ayres  PO Box 835 Yucca Valley CA 92286  –


Larry Thomas President of Contractor Connection
Lance Malcolm Vice President of Contractor Connection
Tim Egnman Issue Resolution Department
Don Riley Issue Resolution Department
Danielle M. Lisenbey Global President, TPA Solutions:
Kieran Rigby Global President, Crawford Claims Solutions
Joseph O. Blanco President
Michelle Montgomeryhell CRAWFORD – VP Marketing & Communications
Jack Schafer SVP & Chief Client Officer, Los Adjusting Services, US
Shawn Clark CIO/Chief Information Officer
Edward Waller CBO/ Chief Brand Officer
Brad Cowen Senior VP of Business Development
Stephanie Rosenstone EA to President & CEO, Rich Wilson
AL Whitaker VP Marketing
Heather Bradley National Account Manager
Restoration & Remediation Magazine
Rhonda Sanderson Sanderson PR
SERVPRO Servpro Industries, LLC
Rick Isaacson Chief Executive Officer
Rick Forster President
John Sooker COO, Executive VP
Jeff Fields Chief Information Officer
Matt Preston Chief Legal Officer, VP
Kim Brooks Corporate Communications Coordinator
Corporate office
STATE FARM 55-7536-D61
Michael Tipsord Chairman
Multiple Adjusters & Managers at Phoenix AZ Claims office & Atlanta Processing Center




As previously disclosed, I am an elderly, disabled, unmarried female rural homeowner, what some people tell me is a target profile

Should any of the email transmissions fail, I will forward to your known fax numbers.

Should any of the fax transmissions fail, I will mail copies.

Kindly check with your colleagues to confirm receipts, in accordance with intended distributions.  State Farm apparently has one email for the CEO, one for help, and everybody else accesses through the claim file.

NOTICE: Please also note that due to disabilities, any/all calls regarding these matters may be recorded without further notice.

Attachments area

Preview YouTube video They say WE HANDLED THE CLAIM CORRECTLY…. draw your own conclusions…

They say WE HANDLED THE CLAIM CORRECTLY…. draw your own conclusions…

Preview YouTube video Welcome to My Home! See What State Farm and its Preferred Vendors did when my roof blew off

Welcome to My Home! See What State Farm and its Preferred Vendors did when my roof blew off




3 responses to “MicCheck! Follow up to Leadership Teams of Contractor Connection, State Farm, and Paul Davis Corporate, ServPro Corporate – NO, YOU DID NO HANDLE THE CLAIM CORRECTLY!”

  1. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    Remember remember.. #WeAreTheMediaNow … Carry on…


  2. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    Nobody can say I did not do everything possible, and then some, to resolve these matters without litigation.
    When mistakes are made; they are corrected.
    When crimes are committed, well, that’s why we litigate, isn’t it.

    Looks like #StateFarm is in the news more and more?


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