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We apparently had an “Active Shooter” event in San Bernardino County in California recently. #KnowYourNeighbors #StayAlert  and be #GoodNeighbors

Do we have the right to remain silent when a neighbor posts asking for recommendations for local water damage/ remediation contractors, and one neighbor posts about a company they found helpful and reputable, but others, across the nation, don’t usually have such a positive experience? 

It makes me wonder if he had carpets cleaned or some other simple task.

My first response when I saw the project manager’s name and phone numbers was a simple, “Worst of the Worst” under the referral.

I figured anybody interested could contact me by private message for more details. One response was thanks, another was ‘Who is?’


Hi Neighbor…  I’m glad you had a good experience with Rod and his company.  That is not typical. Forgive me if this isn’t where we share truths about vendors; I scream all over social media, to warn the others.

Rod was sent to my home by State Farm Insurance on 2/4/2019.

I now have mold sickness. I live in my kitchen [evacuated from hotel in March 2020 due to national medical martial law events] as it is the only room in the house with walls and flooring. Decontamination is ongoing.  One environmental hygeniest recommeded that if State Farm ever settles that I should bulldoze the house as it will never be safe FOR ME again.

I am still fighting for my life and my home, because I wouldn’t give him $7,000 cash and insisted that they use my insurance.  

It got worse from there. 

[Had State Farm simply said, ‘call a roofer’ I would have called the same company Rod called and would have had a real tarp installed immediately and a new roof close to immediately! State Farm led me to believe if I didn’t use their vendors, my policy coverage would be void, because “things have changed.”]

He led me to believe he was a licensed contractor and my insurance carrier led me to believe I was required to use the services of the vendors they dispatched to my home.

40 DAYS OF WATER INTRUSION BECAUSE ROD COULD NOT GET IT TOGETHER TO GET A ROOF OR PROPER TARP ON MY HOUSE. They packed my house out without cleaning and drying whatever they didn’t break or steal.  Total loss.  They liened my house anyway.  We will have our day in Court.

He was rude, condescending, discriminatory…. and the apparent gross negligence in collusion with others has cost me just about everything.  I live down the road from you….  

I’m glad you had a positive experience with them.  I sense there are some extreme abuses when it involves unmarried disabled elderly rural homeowners.

I disclosed my disabilities when they came to the house — they must have interpreted it as saying I was stupid.  TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS THEY COST ME — AND HARM TO MY HEALTH IS WHAT IT IS.

If you google search their company —you’ll see my complaints are common… and nobody cares.  

It’s hard to find legit mold remediation companies to work up here also…but 40 days of rain [AND SNOW!!!] (remember last February?)

Imagine the damage if there is no roof.   Tsk.  They might be ok for carpet cleaning— but they turned a simple $10K claim to over $100,000 and still climbing.  Bob Dunn, rip, suggested I sue for $10 milllion.


Below is the revised version, that seemed to present no problem:

Hi Neighbor – I’m glad you had a positive experience with them.

Rod was dispatched to my home on 2/4/2019 by my insurance carrier, State Farm, because my roof blew off.  You might remember how much it rained [AND SNOWED!] and how the wind blew last February? [I’m just down the road from you! :D]

Rod presented as a General Contractor — not so.  State Farm deceived me that I was required to use their Preferred Vendors.  Not so.  It got worse from there.

On their behalf, I can assure you they did not work alone. They apparently had full complicity with the State Farm Arizona claims office.  

#MoldKills — Check with Months of unmitigated unremediated microbial growth can be lethal. #StartWithTheScience

By failing and refusing to properly tarp my home and failing and refusing to replace a roof (demanding a cash advance of $7,000 from me)–for a simple $10,000 claim has cost over $100,000, and I’m still fighting mold, mold sickness and I live in my kitchen — the only room with walls and floor and some safety from the toxic mold caused by having no roof last year for over 40 days.  

One hygeniest suggested if there is ever settlement that I bulldoze the house because it will NEVER BE SAFE FOR ME AGAIN….  

So yes, I have extensive experience with them and could not caution our neighbors more intensely than I just have.  Toxic mold kills.

Putting profits before lives is not a nice practice.  Abusing elderly disabled unmarried homeowners is …. well, contrary behavior to what most Booomers find acceptable.

Bob Dunn, rip, State Farm agent suggested I sue for $10,000,000 and told me to lawyer up.

Easier said than done, so I keep it on the dockets in the Court of Public Opinion, and warn anybody who will listen.  

Stop by some time; I’ll show you what they caused.  NOBODY SHOULD HAVE TO EXPERIENCE WHAT I DID. 

#GotContractorComplaints?  #GotInsuranceComplaints? #GotVirtualCombatSkills to Defend Against #GoshDarnMeanieHeads?   #GotStateFarmComplaints?  #MadYet?  #WeAreTheMediaNow  — #FightBack  #StandUp  #GodBlessTheUSA



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  1. Linda Ayres and Friends Avatar

    Hmmmmmmm….. “Rod” is neither a licensed contractor nor a licensed adjuster… yet he had full control of the claim from February 4, 2019 until approximately March 7 or 8, 2021… and couldn’t even get a roof xactimate estimate until March 7, 2019? Something wrong with that picture? See what Andy McCabe has to say about unlicensed adjusters…. Cost me my home and health, and now an ugly legal battle… Ayn Rand had some commentary on corruption also… !


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