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I told a friend who said, ‘Awwww, Linda, they are still just playing with you!  Your emails didn’t get past the adjuster!’

Oh…. well, call me naive!  Hmph

Well, that may be so, but it may not be.  I guess this particular blog might be what some politicians and other agencies might call an ‘insurance policy’…..  pun intended.

But, just to be sure, here’s the ‘redacted’ letter to Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the responsible Insurance company.

Dear [Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer]

Regarding my rural home at pre loss value of $$$,$$$,  complaint #YYYYYYYYY and claims YYYYYYYYY AND YYYYYYYY….

I found this on xxxxxxxxxxx after another conversation with the executive claims department third-party.

I had no idea that the Email address I was copying my complaints and requests that my home be restored to pre-loss condition and what has happened to me in my home -were going directly to your office.  Bravo!

Having worked for captains of industry during the course of my career, I would be shocked if your team had not elevated these unfortunate circumstances directly to your attention.

Learning that, I am astonished that I have not received a callback from the executive complaint department team or from your office, directly.

When I contacted the official complaint department on Monday, I was told I would hear from someone within three days or sooner.

Now I have a better understanding of why your staff in California and Arizona have gone quiet on me.

These unfortunate circumstances have been escalating since February 2, 2019

As you have been fully apprised- at least by my emails, we have a situation in California via the Arizona office.

All I’m asking for is for my house, my home and my life to be returned to pre-loss condition.

With a brain injury, sustained at work in 2012, and again in March 2019 as a direct consequence of the emotional duress, helplessly watching my home systematically demolished – for profit —by xxxxxxxxxxxxx preferred vendors – my actual losses are incalculable.

This was my safe place and the conduct of the xxxxxxxxx dispatched vendors have rendered my home toxic & have rendered me at risk for homelessness.

I am an xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  American woman, and the treatment I have experienced in the abuses and damage I have endured are unconscionable.

The only way I know how to protect myself from such predatory actions is to use social media.

I look forward to being able to tell my readers connections and followers that you came to the rescue, ordered immediate Temporary housing for me and Immediate demolition and remediation that was not done in February 2019, along with immediate restoration with water damage mitigation & consequent mold damage remediation completed.

It is unfortunate to realize that had I paid the $7000 cash advance to your preferred vendors for a roof- Bypassing insurance – That I would’ve had a roof and none of this extra destruction and damage… which is beginning to look like a pattern of retaliation.

I look forward to a speedy resolution.

You can reach me at xxxxxxxx [or follow my blog and posts on social media]

Thank you.

Linda Ayres

I just sent the above  email to the CEO of the insurance company involved in this drama and destruction since February 2, 2019.

Well, the executive complaint department told me it was the CEO’s email address.

Their #PreferredVendors escalated a $10,000 roof replacement claim to over $100,000, not including personal injuries sustained, and there is an estimate additional $50,000 in work to be done, that was done inadequately and incompletely in February 2019, plus loss of use for next phase of repairs, and loss of use and dangerous of being in the consequent toxic environment since the end of June.

If the playbook runs true to the ones they use in WorkComp, I’ll probably get a call from the manager, sad and sincere demeanor, offering me $10k to get lost. I sure hope I’m wrong on that.   I’m getting such a bad case of PTSD!!!

It took 5 expensive mold tests, most grossly inadequate and not for the entire property,  to find a legitimate and comprehensive environmental hygenist who understands the gravity of having no roof protection for over 40 days, and incomplete and and inadequate remediation.

I could be an honorary mold-expert now with all the time and money spent trying to track down the bad stuff, and connecting the dots to the bad guys.

Coincidentally, the adjuster, who had gone quiet for days after telling me essentially, ‘tough luck – not our problem’ —happened to call a few minutes after I fired the email to the address I was told today was to the Chairman and CEO of the Insurance Company.

Do YOU know what kind of mold testing is required for legitimate and comprehensive results after water damage, particularly if the roof has been missing for over 40 days of rain, wind, hail, snow and storms?  More details soon.

Any roofers out there have any opinions on the quality of workman ship pictured below?  It’s a temporary tarp, installed by Insurance Company dispatched #PreferredVendor during a stormy, rainy, wet, windy snowy in February 2019

After the vendor left the site, I called back and said, “OMG, WATER IS STILL POURING INTO THE HOUSE EVERYWHERE — LIKE A FAUCET!  What should I do now?”

I’ll never forget what the #Preferred Vendor told me.  He said, ‘Lady, it’s a temporary tarp.  Just let the water damage everything and the insurance company will cover it all.’   NO KIDDING, HE REALLY SAID THAT AND THE ADJUSTER DIDN’T SEEM TO MIND EITHER.

What would YOU do if an insurance company #PreferredVendor asked you for $7,000 cash if you wanted a roof soon, and when you shared that you didn’t have $7K buried in the back yard and that you had great insurance, your home was then systematically destroyed by their refusal to replace the roof for over 40 days.  Inadequate and incomplete water damage mitigation created a toxic environment.

None of the #PreferredVendors were willing to provide any info on costs or whatever directly to the insured, as they had to ‘get approval’ from the insurance company to disclose anything, including estimates for fixing the mess they created?

So, if you wonder how insurance rates escalate, that might be a factor, huh?

If you know something, #PostSomething because #WeAreTheMediaNow

Does your #HomeOwners #InsurancePolicy cover unmitigated water damage and consequent  #Bioterrorism by insurance company #PreferredVendors or does it have to be reported to DHS?

#GotContractorComplaints?   Something is terribly terribly wrong with the insurance industries, isn’t it?

Are you #LinkedInHere’s part of the story.

This blog will be a one-day-at-a-time work of social media art, and #VirtualCombatSkills.  I’ve been saving some social media posts for you, hoping it wouldn’t come to this.  It has.

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NOTES, RESOURCES AND OTHER RECOMMENDED READINGS AND COMPLAINT SITES focused on national complaint and resolution sources and California.  If you are in another state, share your resources!
  1. The author of HOW TO WIN IN COURT With or Without a Lawyer, Dr Graves, makes it clear that you cannot win in court, if you don’t know how.  Use my affiliate link to buy it, thank you. Let’s start a study group on LinkedIn and Facebook?
  2. Why it’s Smart to Avoid Unscrupulous Restoration Companies
    In emergency situations, it’s normal for property owners to be traumatized, confused and very anxious to hire a restoration company right away to get the clean-up started immediately. So, it’s no surprise that after a fire, flood, or other severe damage strikes a home or business, companies you may never have heard of show up immediately to take advantage of the crisis.
  3. Research. Review. Resolve.
  4. The Department of Consumers Affairs (DCA) administers more than 3.9 million licenses in more than 280 license types including certificates, registrations and permits, from architects to accountants, dentists to veterinarians. DCA protects and serves consumers in many ways. [  ]
  5. Filing a Construction Complaint
    CSLB’s complaint process is designed to protect the public in matters pertaining to construction and to assist in the resolution of construction-related complaints. CSLB addresses violations of California Contractors License Law, whether the contractor is licensed or unlicensed, for up to four years from the date of the act.

Here’s the LEGAL SELF HELP course I recently bought… haven’t finished it yet, but it has already helped me understand what’s really happening in the world of law, in these United States of America.

“MISSION STATEMENT: To promote peace and prosperity through greater public understanding of the Rule of Law and the principles and practices of Due Process.”

The author of HOW TO WIN IN COURT With or Without a Lawyer, Dr Graves, makes it clear that you cannot win in court, if you don’t know how.

If you buy the course, please use my affiliate link/… it could help me fund necessary mentoring to move things forward in my own situation, and keep this blog moving.  Learn more here.

Order directly from the site from here.

Share it with your friends and neighbors; it might even help you understand the tactics behind the #IMPEACHMENT CIRCUS.

Do your own research; draw your own conclusions and remember remember…


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