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My hope and prayer for this blog series is to be able to conclude it with a nice happy ending and notice that ‘the parties reached resolution, subject to a confidentiality agreement’ and my home, health and life was restored to pre-loss condition.  Furthermore, I hope that you may be inspired to #FightBack when your civil and human rights are violated, or when #GreedGoverns business practices in your town.

If you know something, #PostSomething because #WeAreTheMediaNow

Does your #HomeOwners #InsurancePolicy cover unmitigated water damage and consequent  #Bioterrorism by insurance company #PreferredVendors or does it have to be reported to DHS?

Workers Compensation battlefields and ‘mash units’ are solid preparation and training for fighting for your home if destroyed by unscrupulous vendors and systems, where evidence does not matter, and profits before lives is the pattern of practice.

When you think of “dirty contractors” consider what injured workers too often  deal with when sent to “dirty doctors” and you’ll begin to connect some dots.

The State of California – Department of Insurance just enacted a protective law/moratorium to encourage insurance companies to lean more toward doing the right thing than cancelling ‘high risk homeowners’ in fire areas inadvertently.  Details here

Let’s hope they also #JoinTheFight against  #FinancialTerrorism and #BioTerrorism by insurance company #PreferredVendors …. Unmitigated water damage from a roof not replaced for 40 days or more can cost your home and your health….. #FightBack!

#GotContractorComplaints?   Something is terribly terribly wrong with the insurance industries, isn’t it?

Are you #LinkedInHere’s part of the story.

This blog will be a one-day-at-a-time work of social media art, and #VirtualCombatSkills.  I’ve been saving some social media posts for you, hoping it wouldn’t come to this.  It has.

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NOTES, RESOURCES AND OTHER RECOMMENDED READINGS AND COMPLAINT SITES focused on national complaint and resolution sources and California.  If you are in another state, share your resources!
  1. The author of HOW TO WIN IN COURT With or Without a Lawyer, Dr Graves, makes it clear that you cannot win in court, if you don’t know how.  Use my affiliate link to buy it, thank you. Let’s start a study group on LinkedIn and Facebook?

  2. Why it’s Smart to Avoid Unscrupulous Restoration Companies

    In emergency situations, it’s normal for property owners to be traumatized, confused and very anxious to hire a restoration company right away to get the clean-up started immediately. So, it’s no surprise that after a fire, flood, or other severe damage strikes a home or business, companies you may never have heard of show up immediately to take advantage of the crisis.

  3. Research. Review. Resolve.

  4. The Department of Consumers Affairs (DCA) administers more than 3.9 million licenses in more than 280 license types including certificates, registrations and permits, from architects to accountants, dentists to veterinarians. DCA protects and serves consumers in many ways. [  ]

  5. Filing a Construction Complaint

    CSLB’s complaint process is designed to protect the public in matters pertaining to construction and to assist in the resolution of construction-related complaints. CSLB addresses violations of California Contractors License Law, whether the contractor is licensed or unlicensed, for up to four years from the date of the act.

Here’s the LEGAL SELF HELP course I recently bought… haven’t finished it yet, but it has already helped me understand what’s really happening in the world of law, in these United States of America.

“MISSION STATEMENT: To promote peace and prosperity through greater public understanding of the Rule of Law and the principles and practices of Due Process.”

The author of HOW TO WIN IN COURT With or Without a Lawyer, Dr Graves, makes it clear that you cannot win in court, if you don’t know how.

If you buy the course, please use my affiliate link/… it could help me fund necessary mentoring to move things forward in my own situation, and keep this blog moving.  Learn more here.

Order directly from the site from here.

[Watch for the blog on the dreadful and expensive experiences with local lawyers that may make you wonder how they graduated from high school let alone got a license to practice law!]

If you understand what Dr Graves teaches, my blog on the subject of Homeowners Insurance, Contractors, Water Damage – mitigated and unmitigated, Roof protection and replacement and mold toxicity caused by insurance Company #Preferred Vendors may make more sense, as I learn more. If you do get the course, let’s build a study group on LinkedIn? Email me….

Share it with your friends and neighbors; it might even help you understand the tactics behind the #IMPEACHMENT CIRCUS.

Do your own research; draw your own conclusions and remember remember…


Comments on this blog are open at this time.  If you have a similar experience, or if you have strength and hope to share with those who do have a similar experience, comment and share.

If not you, then who?

If not now, then when?

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    #BlackMoldMatters! #MycotoxinsMatter! Could a toxic environment have been anticipated or mitigated by any of this information after 40 days of unabated water intrusion?


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    If you don’t pass the Quiz, #TakeTheCourse 📣🦅



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    #StateFarmFiles – #PartOne





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